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    What is SAR value noted on Smart Phones?

    Wondering what is SAR value of smartphones? On this Ask Expert page you will get response to all your queries.

    At present for the new generation Smart Phones we are seeing SAR value given on their back. Primarily we come to know it is related to radiation emitted by Smart Phone. How to study this value in relation to health and environment? What are the negative affects if the Smart Phones have high SAR value? What general problems they cause if more radiation emitted by these gadgets? How Indian government is tackling this problem?
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    SAR means specific absorption rate. This is the rate defined by the phone manufacturer for the radiation level emitted by the phone. And this value should be noted and declared in specification before releasing the phone. SAR value decides how much the phone is emitting the radiation and how much is healthy level for the human to hold such device.

    The reason this value is being released is because every phone emit some radiation level. And some radiation above specific threshold level can be bad for the health. And this could result in health issues of the person. And that is why such value needs to be taken care of.

    As per the guidelines, 1.6 watts of energy is the maximum the phone needs to be handled. And beyond that the body can't take specific value at all. This check has to be done on all the phones otherwise they could crate heating problems. You can check hazard of such phones based on the recent case from samsung galaxy note 7.

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    Every cell phone should have the radiation tag"SAR value".But unfortunately very few sets have this tag. Customer is not aware about the tag and the radiation emitted by the cell phone. How many of us know the permissible limit (1.6) and the rating of our phone. Today cell phones in the market has sar rates like1.5,1, .7,.5. etc. If the value is below 1.6 you can have the phone. What will happen if the radiation is more? In long term it will lead to many diseases like brain tumor, headache,loss of eyesight,jeans mutation and so on. How to tackle this? There is quality standards for every product and service. Some products bear ISI and BIS marks likewise in electronics industries there is bureau of Indian standards electronics. IS13252 is for mobile phone.Please refer for more standards.
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