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    Why Tamilians consider Amaavasya is good and rest of the country not

    Wondering why amavasya is not treated same in all religions? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    Usually most of the people in our country who follow Hindu religious practices consider Amaavasya is not good for carrying various auspicious functions. But I come to know that Tamilians consider Amaavasya to be a good day to start events. In the same country and in the same religion why this difference existing? Is there any strong reason for this disparity?
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  • I had also the same doubt earlier. But then afterwards I understood that these are all depended on how you interpret things.

    The traditional belief is that Amavasya is for pitru(s) or the ancestral souls. That is because it is believed that the departed souls or pitr(s) live on the other side of Moon which s not visible to us. It is also believed that during eclipse and Amavasya(New Moon) this part of the Moon faces us.(Please let us not try to analyse it with our present scientific knowledge). I am interpreting based on beliefs and customs)

    So Amavasya is earmarked for the rituals for deceased ancestors. For the same reason there is also a belief that Amavasya is a suitable day for learning scriptures etc. as that day is blessed by our ancestral souls after propitiating them with the rituals of 'Tharpan' etc.

    There is another reason for this also. From the nest day of Amavasya-knowns Shukla Prathama- the Moon is in growing phase. So anything started on Amavasya is on a growing phase.
    Nowhere it is said that Amavasya is a bad day. It is a day not to indulge in carnal and material pleasures, but to devote on spiritual matters.

  • Belief of Tamilians:-
    Tamilians consider Amavasya auspicious and thereby start a new venture and do not hesitate in initiating anything new. They consider this day a period of growth and power. On Amavasya, there will be no moon however very next day one can see a moon and this signifies growth and thus they want their work initiated to grow and become successful. It is a growing phase of the moon.

    In Sanskrit language word 'Ama' means together and 'Vasya' means dwelling. Thus it means dwelling together and togetherness means strength. It is the day when dead ancestors are worshiped and with the blessings of ancestors, if any auspicious activity is carried out, the chances of its failure are very less. A lot of religious activities are carried out on this day like taking a dip in holy rivers, fasting, performing sacrifices, feeding the poor and offerings are paid to the Gods. These all acts are believed to wash away sins and lend blessings of ancestors and God. Tamilians believe that when body, mind and heart are under control then no goal seems unattainable.

    Belief of Other Hindus:-
    According to Garuda Purana, Amavasya is inauspicious and thus no new work should be started on this day except Karthika Amavasya which falls on Deepavali. People do not travel on this day and workers do not work. They believe that since there is no moon, there will be rise in evil powers and black magic. These evil powers will do not let our auspicious work become successful and those traveling fear of some uncertainty and thus do not opt to travel on this day.

  • Other than the two views post above by Venkiteswaran and Reena, I came to know about this from one our friends who though not a Tamilian but born and brought up in Tamil Nadu. What she said is that when you start a venture or perform a social function like marriage etc on a specific day, you do it in an auspicious time i.e 'sumuhurtam'. You do so expecting good results from the deed i.e your action of doing the job which could be starting a venture or performing house warming ceremony or some other function. It is strongly believed that when you do such celebrations on an auspicious day, it yields good results for you.

    If the same is done at an inauspicious time or inauspicious day, the result would be bad or adverse. But if the same is performed on a 'amavasya' day, the result will be neutral i.e there will be neither good result nor bad result.

    So, what I came to know from my friend is that Tamilians feel it is safe to get a neutral effect than getting a bad result by performing such functions.

    This could be pure her opinion or she might have got it from some of the elders in her family. And there is no evidence for what she told me.

    Thanks & Regards

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