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    Are Chinese manufactured Smart Phones outsmart other high range branded phones?

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    Now a days we are seeing Chinese brands like Redmi, Lenovo, Cool Pad like brands selling their phones with high end specifications at low cost. But high range brands like Samsung, Sony, Nokia, LG etc. are selling phones with low end specifications at high price. Is the high end specifications provided by Redmi, Lenovo compete with the quality of Samsung like high range brands. What is the reality with quality of these phones? Will they work properly with regard to their specifications?
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  • People buy smartphones depending on their functionality, affordability and user's specific needs. Hence the manufacturers also input the various features and hardware and software to match and satisfy the buyers needs.

    First time buyers may many entry level phones. which have general basic functions and features. But those with specific needs and needing advanced features and who can also afford go for high end smartphones. Their performance will be far higher than the low end phones, and durability also may be more. They will have multi functionalities and quality in picture and media than the low end ones.

    Some of the low end phones may have most of these feature, but with a low capacity and performance quality. Their durability may not be of long.
    If the low end phones are of the popular established brands, then they will have the minimum declared quality for that phone. However we cannot say same with that of other manufacturers who may just imitate some brands products, but name differently.
    Again, in electronics, one cannot say for sure, as problems can crop up anytime. But dependable reputed manufactures either replace or service as per warranty and guarantee terms.

  • Almost every phone maker has the processor and the device part manufacturing unit in china, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia. So almost every US and EU based phone maker has no manufacturing unit of their own. And they make use of "designed at network" or "Designed in London" to hide the fact that their hardware is from Asia. As their assumption is that Asian manufacturing means poor product. But reality is almost every electronic manufacturing you see these days belong to Asian manufacturer. Not a single electronic and appliance company is an excluded.

    As you can see Samsung had poor quality control during the battery manufacturing. And so now the SAR value check will be very strict. And this is one reason the Samsung and other manufacturers are going to face more harsh treatment from the policies.

    Reality of such devices is that the quality control and the amount of effort that phones require would increase. And they also have to compete on the basis of the price too. So Chinese or any Asian manufacturer have to work harder for the market.

  • First I would like to tell you that the manufacturing cost of Iphone 5 was around 20 thousands only but the phone was sold as high as 1 lakh rupees. You actually don't pay for product in some cases but you pay for the logo and brand name. Samsung, Sony and Nokia are known for their quality but electronics gadgets are not human beings they are non living that can behave unstrangely at any point of time. I have seen some serious of lagging and hanging with a wide range of Samsung mobile phone. People also suspect the quality of Chinese product but in case of certain brands like Xiomi Redmi or Lenovo you can be assured of the quality. I myself has been using Redmi mobile phone for over a year without any issue.This phone has many features and specifications at just a cost price of 9000. I think if some day companies like Samsung or Sony will manufacture any phone with the same features as my phone has then they would cost more than 50000. Once again don't go for brand, go for performance. In this tough competition every company is trying to provide better service at lower cost. So, if you are getting some thing better at lower price then you should not be doubtful about the quality, you are getting it cheap only because of competition not because of poor quality product.

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