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    Best methods to prepare for academic examinations

    Finding it difficult to prepare for an important exam? Quickly get expert tips on how to prepare well for an exam.

    I would like guidance on how best to prepare for an exam? What are the various ways to get ready for examinations? Give me some useful tips.
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  • Best methods to prepare for academic exams:-
    There is no point if you keep on reading. You have to check whether you have learned the topic you just read. Most of the students keep reading and they feel that they have covered the subject but when they are asked to reproduce the same, they give an excuse that they have forgotten what they read. Important thing is to keep testing yourself again and again by giving yourself surprise tests. These sort of tests will determine your grasping power as well as will keep you aware of how much you have learned and how much more you have to work and learn for better results. Remember mere reading is just wastage of time. Always try to learn and grasp the material.

    Frequent revisions-
    We do not revise the already read or learned topics and go for other uncovered topics and thereby we forget what we have just read. By doing this we are wasting so much of valuable time we spent on learning things. We should go for frequent revisions. It will take a little time but if one does not revise then the whole effort he put in to read a topic goes in vain and he has to go through the whole topic once again as if he is reading it for the first time.

    Start early-
    Key to success is starting early instead of relying on last minute. Some of the students start their exam preparation when the exams date have been announced. You cannot expect them to cover all the topics. They then try to cover everything in haste and lands no where but in dilemma because haste always makes waste. They do not get the subject very well and always end up as failure with the scores. It is always better to give yourself enough time depending upon your learning abilities. Fast learners require less time whereas slow learners and those who need spoon feeding should give themselves more time.

    If everything is scheduled then success is for sure. Apart from giving yourself enough time to study, if you prepare a proper time table for yourself then it becomes much easier for you to concentrate on all the subjects and you never have to go through haste or failure. Certain subjects are difficult and require more preparation from study point of view, whereas other subjects require less time because you may be very familiar with it or find it easy to grasp. Thus, timetable should be prepared according to the need. Subjects which are difficult with vast syllabus should be given more time and the subjects which are easy should be given less time. By preparing time table and by sticking to it, no topic will be left uncovered and by the time your exams approach you will cover the whole of syllabus. Not only you will cover your syllabus, you will be able to revise the subjects very well.

    Be comfortable-
    It is always essential that you keep yourself comfortable while studying. Some students prefer to study on their study table whereas others prefer lying down on their beds and go through their study material. Some of them like to keep their room and study table clean whereas others like to live in a cluttered environment. Different things work for different students and you have to decide what really works for you. Whatever works for you, adopt that and be comfortable.

    Avoid distractions-
    Always keep yourself away from distractions. Fix your study time and once fixed you need to devote yourself completely to studies. Whether it is television, mobile phones, internet, video games, music etc..... do not get carried away by them. You need to lock yourself in room and give your complete dedication to your study material. Initially it may require a little effort as distractions are always alluring but once you overcome them for a few days, they rarely disturb you.

    Go for previous years exam papers-
    This is the most effective method of preparing for exams. You have to go through old exam papers. This will help you understand what sort of questions appear in exams i.e., you will be able to analyze format of the question paper. Frequently solving question papers and then evaluating them helps you to understand your preparation and the areas or topics on which you need to work more as well as gives you some time sense as you have to finish your exam within certain duration. These kind of practice papers will help you to complete your exam in time.

    Study groups-
    Always try to make study group of your friends. This will help you to solve any doubts or questions you have lingering in your mind, as your friends will be able to solve them and if your friends have any doubts, you can help them to solve those questions. Revisions done in study groups are much more effective. Also, you can conduct an exam in your study group and evaluate each others papers which will be fun as well as learning experience. Remember teaching is also learning. When you teach some one, you are revising the whole topic and that leads to perfection.

    Eat and drink healthy-
    Healthy body is essential for healthy mind. You cannot feed your body everything that is unhealthy and expect brain to do all good for you. Especially during exam time, avoid outside food and water. Stay away from all sorts of junk foods and drinks. Eat a well balanced nutritious healthy diet. Drink plenty of water which will keep you relaxed and well hydrated. These efforts taken will have a nice impact on your energy level thereby increasing your focus and concentration.

    Regular breaks-
    You cannot run a machinery for 24 hours without giving it a break. You have to stick to the time table. Study and revise within the hours allotted to do so and when there is leisure time, give yourself some break. You cannot engage your leisure hours or your free time into studying. You need frequent breaks. Benefit of taking breaks is to freshen your mind and when you return back you will be able to grasp the material more effectively. If you study for countless hours then you will reach a saturation point and no matter how much you study, you will be wasting both your energy as well as time.

  • The author above has provided a very comprehensive answer to the question raised by the author. Therefore, I will restrict my tip to one area only i.e. distractions.

    A serious study requires total focus, attention, devotion and dedication. In my opinion, there is no room for social activities running parallel to the studies. The social life is not meant for students. They get ample time for social studies after completing their studies with flying color and becoming self-reliant after getting a decent job. Therefore, no activity on social networking sites, participation in parties, picnics and get-togethers etc. There should be interactions with other people / classmates etc. but the same should be in connection with the studies only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • Broadly speaking, there are two types of examinations, academic examinations and competitive examinations. The preparations for these two types of examination are little bit different. He I am discussing about academic examinations.

    (a) Prepare a routine and study accordingly. Having a routine ensures that no particular subject gets neglected. Furthermore, time is allotted for each subject.
    (b) Give more stress on self-study rather than doing home-work or project-work.
    (c) While studying, make a determined effort to complete one chapter at a time. Otherwise, continuity and chain of thinking would be broken.
    (d) Please give adequate stress on checking/consulting the previous years' question papers. Only reading the chapters won't do. Previous years' question papers would give you an excellent idea about the pattern of questions and time-management. I feel this aspect is extremely important.
    (e) Revise each and every chapter adequately. Fix a target in respect of each subject in terms of schedule of completion and scoring marks, and study accordingly.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Exams are of different types from the school, college, University, and other types of exams. School, College, University are been told as Academic exams where as the others are said as the competitive exams.

    If you are a school student its best to understand the subject when a teacher teaches in the class. Try to concentrate on the subject and teaching of the teacher. Read the chapter once you go home and recollect what the teacher said in the class. This might fetch about 60 to 70 percentage of marks. Also if you focus much on the subject and get attention towards the questions and answers on the back of the book, read as much as you can recollect without writing.
    Take a self assessment by reading and writing the question and answer without looking into the book. Correct it by yourself value the marks and know your strength and if there is any mistake know where you made the mistake. Read it once again thoroughly and retake the self assessment test by writing. Make sure you get the answers correctly. This is if you are good in understanding subject. Even taking tuition's is also good as you can understand and improve your standard of education you learn and also it give regular habit for you to learn.

    If you have tuition's everything like revisions, writings,spell check will be taken care off. Also you can get extra knowledge at the little age itself that might be helpful for projects in future.

    If you are a college student its better to do the same as what you did in the school if your school marks are good and satisfaction. In addition to that the book contents will be more for a college student to read and write. In that case, improve your speed of reading and writing during holidays of your school. Take courses from outside institutes that will give you
    thinking's differently. Also aiming for the high marks at the college level with competing students are entirely depend on your efforts also. Practice math problems then and there without postponing. Revise what is been taught in the class and then move on to the extra materials if you wanted outstanding marks in the college and university examinations.
    Even take tuition from lecturers and professors that will give you confident level boosted.

    1.Do a minimum Exercise regularly,
    2. Sit with your eyes closed for at least ten minutes a day to reduce stress.
    3. Not to strain too much if you don't understand the subject. Take sufficient help from friends and teacher to clear your doubts.
    4. Take care of your Health. Not to eat too cold stuffs like ice creams, juices with more ices, playing with waters, Air condition usages too cold.
    5. Drink juice with minimum ice so that you don't catch cold.
    6. Eat at the regular timings.
    7. Take relaxing musics to have a different thoughts. Musics relaxes mind.

  • You may apply the following tips for the better performance in the examination-
    1) As far as possible, try to reproduce the text in your own language and this would be possible if the basics are understood fully.
    2) Be positive - minded. In no way, you should compare with others in terms of performance.
    3) Frequent - revision is essential. Subsequent revision takes less time.
    4) If it is related to a Mathematical - formulae, each notation and the units need to be understood fully.
    5) Never hesitate in asking any related question to your teacher or professor in case some confusion arises.
    6) Create interest in the subject, this will help you in scoring good marks.
    7) Engage in the mock - test in the subjects prescribed for the examination. In that way, you will achieve proficiency in writing - skill and at the same time, you will be familiar with the time - management techniques. For a question, carrying one mark, time devoted should not exceed 1.5 minutes, so that the entire paper containing 100 marks would take 150 minutes and the rest 30 minutes can be spent on revision of your written answers.
    8) Avoid heavy and spicy meal during Examination - time.

  • There are many ways to approach the academic examination. My personal way of doing things are a bit different.

    1. Find out the past exam papers and find the typical questions that are being repeated. Find the most common occurrence among the question set. And prepare better on that.

    2. Take your own notes. This helps not only in understanding but also helps while revising the study content.

    3. Avoid distraction. You should avoid distraction by working and focusing on the study there. It helps in making the notes easy to remember.

    4. Make study group. You have to make study group with the other members in the group. And then discuss the notes and the most difficult question.

    5. Visualize. If you try to remember in text form then you are not going to remember the notes. So make the kanban boards, bubbles and other memory helping visualization for notes. And that helps with remembering stuff.

    These are some of the common methods which can be helpful for making you remember the exam related study material.

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