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    How the cloth used for making jeans is different that other cloths?

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    Jeans have become very popular and worn by both the males and females alike. Is the cloth used for making jeans is special? How the cloth used for making jeans is different that other cloths? What are the similarities and differences in the cloths used for making jeans?
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  • The Jeans are made from denim cloth. Denim is also known as dungaree cloth. It was originally popular among cowboys and miners as they were engaged in hard labor and jeans provided them the comfort in their work environment. It was first originated in Genoa and hence the name jeans are derived from it.
    Denim is a sturdy cotton fabric which goes through various procedures before jeans becomes ready to wear. They are:-
    a) Dyeing,
    b) Pre-shrinking,
    c) Abrading,
    d) Distressing,
    e) Sandblasting

    Similarities and differences in the clothes used for making denims:-
    1) Classic stonewashed-
    It is very reliable as well as long lasting. It is lightly washed and rugged. It is more durable and give the wearer a traditional touch. It appears to be rough in aesthetics. It is suitable for cowboys and those doing manual labor work.
    2) Selvedge-
    It is not light in weight as the cloth is a little thick and stiff. Its specialty is that it gets worn in as the wearer wears it after some period of time. It starts taking the shape of the wearer.
    3) Waxed-
    It looks a little less like jeans because of its shine and polish. This is because it is coated with wax. However, the classic appeal of jeans is always restored. Only that outshines it is its texture and sheen.
    4) Thin and stretchy-
    It is very modern and thus gives an elegant look to the person wearing it. Not very suitable for strenuous work or while in adventure but it is more like a party wear suiting for all sorts of occasions. As the name suggests, they are very stretchy as well as wafer thin.

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