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    Query about specification of Smartphones and how they help in its functioning

    Have a query about smartphone specifications? Find advice from experts on this page.

    When we go through the specifications of Smart Phones we come across many interesting words describing its specification. But non-technical persons do not know what these words are and how these things are useful in the functioning of Smart Phones. I request technical experts to give details about the following specification of Smart Phones and how they will helpful in the functioning of Smart Phones.
    1. Android Marshmallow
    2. Hybrid SIM Slot
    3. OTG Compatible
    4. Ambient Light Sensor
    5. Proximity Sensor
    6. eCompass
    7. Accelerometer
    8. Gyroscope
    9. IR Blaster
    10. 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor
    11. TFT capacitive
    12. VoLTE
    13. Lollipop operating system
    14. AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
    Experts: do respond.
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  • 1) Android Marshmallow:- Android operating system introduced it as 6th major version.
    - It increases efficiency of user experience of Lollipop.
    - When smart phones are not physically used, it helps to greatly decrease the action taking place in background.
    - To fingerprint recognition app it lends a support.
    - It helps in transferring data and other apps to microSD card.
    - Doze and App Standby are the schemes introduced by it under power management.

    2) Hybrid Slim Slot:- It is a slot for sim card where one can either put their two sims or one sim and one micro SD card together.
    - It is much simpler when compared to old pattern of inserting sim card in mobile phones as it required removing of back cover of mobile phones and then accomplishing the task. Back covers of most of the mobiles usually are hard and thus difficult to remove and if done in haste could break the locks.

    3) OTG Compatible:- If smart phones support OTG then one has to buy OTG cable to carry out additional tasks.
    - It helps smart phones to directly connect to one another in contrast to earlier version where mobiles could connect with USB.
    - Can connect with the musical instruments.
    - Can connect with the keyboard and mouse.
    - Additional storage can be placed.
    - With the help of controller can launch game and play it.

    4)Ambient Light Censor:- It measures both ambient light along with software and works accordingly either by lowering or rising the brightness of the screen depending on the light available.
    - It increases battery life of smart phones.
    - It makes smart phone aware of its surrounding environment i.e., it enables easy to view displays.
    - It enables the device to become friendly in both dim and bright environment i.e., it supports readability in all sorts of environment.
    - Prevent stress on eyes.
    - Improves screen view-ability.
    - Prevents headaches usually caused due to discomfort on long usage of mobiles.

    5) Proximity Censor:- It is a conductive pad which is placed on a non conductive substrate.
    - Face detection enables power reduction and also prevents pseudo touch.
    - It has helped in the introduction of wake-on approach feature which enables mobile to run on low power when not in use and becomes active when user's hand approaches it.
    - Buttons and switches are replaced in mobiles giving it a sleek design which is aesthetically more appealing.
    - Machine control interface is much more simplified when compared to earlier times.
    - Cost is decreased greatly.

    6) eCompass:- It is a censor present in smart phones which makes use of accelerometer and magnetometer.
    - It acts like a real compass.
    - It is helpful in various games.
    - With user's orientation, eCompass maintains display.
    - It provides field scanning support.

    7) Accelerometer:- It is a small device which is built into the circuitry.
    - They enable screen rotation.
    - They can detect any change in orientation.
    - It has wide variety of usage in playing games and videos.
    - They can measure change in velocity.

    8) Gyroscope:- It uses MEMS which is actually Micro Electro Mechanical Systems to vibrate in particular frequency and direction.
    - It detects orientation of smart phones.
    - It detects both rotation as well as twist.
    - Information obtained is clean as well as responsive.
    - Can measure rotational velocities in all three directions.

    9) IR Blaster:- These are small infrared LED's built inside smart phones which enable them to become universal remote control controlling all the devices of our homes.
    - It makes smart phone cost effective.
    - A single mobile can control all most all the devices like television, set top box, A.C. etc.....

    10) 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor:- It is a suite of SoC which are usually semiconductor products.
    - It balances both power as well as performance.
    - It operates graphics and video displays.
    - It helps in picture clicking.

    11) TFT capacitive:- It is a thin film transistor used for display purposes in mobile phones.
    - Image quality is enhanced.
    - It is cheap and hence not only smart phones but other phones too are launched with this facility.
    - Better viewing angle.
    - Consume less power.

    12) VoLTE:- It is a wireless communication which provides very high speed for mobile phones and other devices.
    - It increases speed as well as capacity.
    - Improves support for mobility.
    - Supports all frequency bands.
    - Better voice quality.

    13) Lollipop operating system- It is developed by google and is actually a version of android mobile operating system.
    - It lends a paper like feel to the interface.
    - It has introduced improvements in notifications.
    - Photos can be saved in format of raw image.
    - Improves battery consumption.

    14) AMOLED capacitive touchscreen:- It stands for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode. Technology by which pixels are addressed is active matrix whereas OLED is a thin film technology in which there is formation of electroluminescent product from organic compounds.
    - Consume less power.
    - Response time is greatly reduced.

  • Not just in smartphones,but for any product, the manufacturers and vendors want to market by highlightingtheir features and components andextra facilities. These are specified inthe manuals and also highlighted in advertisements and promotions to show that the product is better than other similar producxts or is the latest version. If we do no know about the differences of each, then It is better to ask the company people or p[eople whoknow technically about them.

    However I shall give brief descriptions of at least a few common ones from your list:

    • Android Marshmallow & Lollipop( No.1 and 13 in the list) : They are the Android operating system versions 6 and 5 respectively. A new system Android 7 Noughat is announced and yet to be popularly implemented.
    • . Hybrid SIM slot: A slot which can be used either for a SIM card or SD memory card.
    • OTG compatible: On-The –Go- that means wecan attach a USB(or via micro usb) dongle for connecting to internet and transferring media from and to the smartphone.
    • 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor: Processors are main heart of a computer or smartphone. The description gives the speed of the processor and phone's capacity to do more tasks at same time.
    • TFT capacitive , AMOLED capacitive touchscreen: This tells about the touch screen where we use our fingers to navigate and do various taskson the phone. Capacitatave (not resistive) makes smooth navigation andit dos not ned prssing our fingers.
      TFT= Thin Film Transmitter
      AMOLED=Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode
      (TFT is based on LCD and the latter is based on LED display )
    • VoLTE: Voice over Long Term Evolution. Transmitting voice as data over LTE which is 4G. This is now mostly discussed in the context to f the 4G Jio launch. It is a 4G technology and is presently getting popular. LTE has much more speed that 2G or 3G.
    • Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, . eCompass, . Accelerometer, . Gyroscope , : These are inbuilt conveniences. They may not be needed for all general users anddo not affect norma functionalities.

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