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    What is Wordpress, how it works and what is its use?

    Looking out for detailed information about Wordpress? Find answers to all your queries on this page.

    I come across on internet and even in our site. Members are using the word wordpress. I am thinking it is a kind of blog or website through which members can develop their own site freely. In fact I don't have any clear cut knowledge regarding this.
    I want to know from experts in simple terms what Wordpress is and how it works?
    What are the ways to develop in wordpress and can we link this wordpress blog or website to Adsense account?
    What are the content posted in this wordpress?
    If we register for wordpress will it become our own site or not?
    I request technical experts to explain about
    wordpress in a simple and easily understandable way.
    Awaiting response.
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    WordPress is a CMS and it can be used as a blog or the eCommerce store or as any other website software. It has plenty of extensions that helps you add more features to the WordPress.

    WordPress is available in two format - self hosted where you have to find your own hosting and use the software. And another is cloud hosted, which you can find on And here you have to pay them some specific fee for monthly hosting of the blog. Initial 50mb is free on the but later you have to buy the hosting plan for more storage on wordpress.

    You can design your own themes if you know how to code in HTML, PHP and CSS. This combination allows you to convert your normal HTML page into PHP based theme files. An then you can use the theme on your blog. It is not hard to learn and with practice you can easily get hold of the wordpress themes as time goes on.

    As you learn how to edit the themes then you can add the adsense code in HTML. And that way you can display the code in the post or the sidebar.

    In terms of content wordpress has post and pages concept. Static and fixed content goes into the pages. And regularly updated content goes into post.

    If you register on with domain or subdomain it remains yours as long as you are paying the fee. If you are buying your own hosting and domain, and then using wordpress on hosting, then it remains yours as long as you own the hosting.

  • #138784 is a site where you can make your own website having a sub-domain 'wordpress'. Wordpress has better features and tools in comparison to other blogging sites. Also, Wordpress is SEO efficient. Wordpress provides free hosting to its user, so you can upload posts free of cost. Now, if you wish to purchase domain for your wordpress site, then it would cost you.
    Additionally, you can link your wordpress site to Adsense account for earning if your site is at-least 6 months old and have relevant posts in it. If your site is getting a good amount of hits per day, then you can earn a good revenue per month.

    With regards,
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    WordPress is the content management system. It manages the content of your website just by one click installation and you don't require technical knowledge for blogging on WordPress. There are two types of WordPress one is and second one is

    In you able to get your blog with the name "WordPress" in your domain name and its free in the beginning and you will be charged after some breakpoints of storage.

    In you able to get the whole WordPress theme and you can customize your blog as you want and you will be getting your own domain name registered to your name. WordPress is always recommended for blogs as because of its SEO techniques with one click plugin installation.

    Now once you launch your blog with WordPress you will able to frame it with best plugins and best seo techniques. once you give it better seo you will able to generate good traffic after some course of time but for generating and growing the traffic in your blog you have to keep on posting the quality content as possible. this will leads you to get good traffic in your blog.

    once you able to get good traffic in your blog now you able to apply for ad-sense program as ad-sense check the minimum amount of traffic initially that's why you have generate some traffic before apply for ad-sense so you get approved by ad-sense and also read ad-sense guidelines before applying.

    after getting approved by ad-sense you able to post ads generated from ad-sense and you able to generate income according to the users click in ads of your website. so to keep on generating the good traffic you have to provide quality content to your website .

    and yes you will be owing that WordPress website as because you registered it at the time of purchasing your hosting and domain name.

    Best of Luck.

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    Wordpress is an alternative content management site of Blogger. One can signup with Wordpress where you get a free subdoain like

    You can starting writing contents in your niche and start submitting at your site and make it live on the web.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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