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    How can I acquire fire-arms in India?

    Searching for acquiring firearms in India? Find advice from experts on this page.

    For the last few years, I have been planning to acquire fire-arms. But I do know that in India, the act relating to acquiring and keeping fire-arms is very strict. So, I would like to know the criteria on the basis of which I can get the license of acquiring and keeping fire-arms. What are the categories of fire-arms for which licenses are given? Further, is there any fire-arm which can be acquired and kept without license in India?
    Experts: kindly provide point-wise answers to my queries.
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    A license under Arms Act is required for possessing a firearm which is issued by the District Magistrate or the Commissioner of Police.

    Generally, following documents are required to be submitted for obtaining an arms license -

    1. Application in Form A of the Arms Act with Rs. 5 court fee stamp.
    2. Copy of ID proof like Voters Card and Ration Card
    3. Copies of IT returns/Challan copy/Assessment orders etc of last three years
    4. Physical fitness certificate
    5. Character certificate issued by two responsible citizens of the locality.
    6. Attested copies of educational certificates
    7. Proof of age like birth certificate or school leaving certificate
    8. Supporting documents justifying the need for the arms license like for security purpose or sports purpose etc.

    The application can be submitted at the police station in whose jurisdiction the place of residence falls. An inquiry is conducted and the report is sent by the police station to the SP or Zonal DCP of the area. The applicant is interviewed by the DCP or the DM as the case may be and finally, the license is granted in the deserving cases. Description of arms / ammunition required, the area within which applicant wishes to carry arms, the place where arms / ammunition will be kept and such other relevant details are required to be filled in the Form A.

    The author may visit the website of Ministry of Homee Affairs - for further details.

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    The author above has mentioned the procedure"how to acquire fire arms in India" but untouched the grounds on which a fire arm can be acquired.A license under Arms Act-1959 and the arms rules-1962 can be issued by the District Magistrate.For the detailed conditions please read the pages 70-72 of' The Arm rules-1962'
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