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    Do hanging nimbu mirchi (lemon and chilli) at the door helps in keeping evils away?

    Unsure whether hanging lemon and chilli at the door wards off evil? On this page, experts shall respond to your query.

    In India may people believe that hanging nimbu mirchi (lemon and chilli) at the door or inside car helps in keeping the evils away. Nowadays, even plastic nimbu mirchi (lemon and chilli) accessories are available in the market. Do hanging nimbu mirchi (lemon and chilli) at the door helps in keeping evils away?
    Experts: do respond.
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  • If one believes in 'evil eye' naturally one has to believe in the nimbu-mirchi remedy.
    Personally I do not believe in the 'evil eye', and hence do not believe in the nimbu-mirchi remedy,

    However the plastic nimbu-mirchy is just for laugh. Natural fresh lemon and chilli may have some ingredients or odour or liquid in them which may , prevent or trap small insects from entering the place. But plastic products do no have even that.

  • A combination of lemon and chilies commonly known as Nazar Battu in India and traditionally is made by seven chilies and one lemon tied together and hanged on the walls of houses, offices, shops and vehicles to protect one's home or possession from all the evil spirits and evil eyes of jealous competitors.
    It is among one of the many superstitions spread over all across India, but nowadays many people also scientific explanations according to which Lemons and chilies are natural disinfectants. Chili has medicinal powers. It kills germs keeping insects and pests away. The organic pesticide has a high content of chilies for the same reason. When hung outside the house, chili keeps the environment germ free. and for the believers in these superstitious things these najar-battu are like protectors from evils.

    Many people also relate this with the mythology and believes in a story that as there is a Goddess Laxmi who is considered as the goddess of prosperity, happiness and success and everyone want to invite her to his house but along with her sometimes her sister Alaxmi also comes in whose opposite of Laxmi.
    Goddess Laxmi is offered offerings like sweets,fruits and flowers e.t.c while Goddess Alaxmi gets happy by offerings like Lemons chilies and many other such things and thus doesn't cause any evil or bad to the person having these najar-battus inside their home and vehicles.
    Its kind of placebo effect If you really believe in these things they might work for you even if incidents are coincident it leads to more stronger believes of these things.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • It is the common belief of the Indian people that this duo Neembu and Mirchi could resist the evil - effects of bad spirits and as such these would not enter the house.
    However, If we see it scientifically, the lemons and Mirchi both contain natural disinfectant which would take care of small flies and insects preventing them from further entry to houses. Such reaction is further intensified with the receipt of ray of the Sun.
    If we wrap the same in a plastic, the deodorant effect of the duo would not take place and as such, such hangings at the doors are meaningless.

  • There are two ways to look at the scenario here. One in which the tradition that tells us about doing such setup will ward the negative people and negativity. That being said, in reality people who want to be negative continue to be negative and the people who wish to do bad to others will continue to do that. It's their choice after-all we can only stop the bad things if we can for sure.

    The belief for the spiritual and religious people will continue to exist. And that is where you have to make your choice. Do you think it'd make any difference following it. I personally don't think hanging the nimbu mirchi is something not going to benefit for my context. If you believe in the evil and you think it'd be warding off with this tradition then do follow it.

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