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    What is appendicitis and how it is treated?

    Searching for treatment of appendicitis? On this page, you will get suggestions for treatment.

    What are the appendix and appendicitis? Also, do all people have an appendix in their bodies and what are the functions of the appendix in the human body? What are the main symptoms of the appendicitis and how it is diagnosed and treated? Are homeopathic treatments of appendicitis available?
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    Appendicitis is. a serious medical condition due to the inflammationof 'appendix'
    Appendix is a small protruding part at the end of large intestine inside our abdomen. It is a tube like tissue about three and half inches long. There appears no significant or exact function of appendix to our body.. It is a rudimentary part. As of now it is taken to be a vstgial organ-an organ that is left out from the earlier species during mutation or evolution.
    An untreated infection or inflammation of appendix (appendicitis) can result in its burst and spreading infection to mother organs nearby in the abdominal space.
    Abdominal pain starting from centre and moving to lower side is the early signal. Pain can be sharp and intolerable, causing nausea, loss off appetite and some other accompanied symptoms like fever, abdominal swelling and blockage.
    Appendicitis is treated by surgical removal(appendectomy) in most cases. This is because removal does not create any loss of functionality as it is a vestigial organ.

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    Appendicitis is inflammation of appendix, a vestigial organ in human body. Appendix is a small organ located at the lower right abdominal area where the large and small intestine joins. An untreated inflammation of appendix can result in its burst, and in extreme cases, this may cause death of the patient.

    Appendicitis is treated by surgery.

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    Appendicitis is inflammation of appendix.Appendix is a small residual organ located at the joint of large and small intestine. When appendicitis happens to some body, there is severe pain in the lower abdomen.It is to be operated immediately otherwise it will burst inside the body and will cause poison followed by death.
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    Appendicitis refers to the inflammation of the appendix. It can be severe or acute. It takes time to notice the inflammation because changes are not immediately visible.

    1. Yes all the people have the appendix in the body. And they can have the appendicitis during the age 10 to 30. Also the symptoms could also lead to other lever related issues.

    2. Some of the common symptoms that you can notice is - loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, constipation, lack of sleep and abdominal swelling and fever in random interval at mild level.

    3. There are homeopathy and the Ayurveda treatments available for the appendicitis. However they do take time so depending on the severity you have to change the treatment accordingly.

    4. First treatment starts with the antibiotics and then the condition of the abscess is checked. If the abscess is ruptured then the surgery is required. If the basic treatments don't help then the surgery is advised. There si also option of laparoscopy that you may need to check for sure.

    It is always a good idea to take the medicine and the advice of doctors and then decide what to do in case if the symptoms of the appendicitis are shown.

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