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    Need tips on buying an old laptop online from OLX or Quikr.

    Want to buy an old laptop online? Looking out for tips to do so? Here, on this Ask Expert page you will get response to your queries.

    My friend wants to purchase a second hand or old laptop from online marketers like OLX or Quikr. Experts please let me know how to check features and conditions of an old laptop before going to purchase: like RAM, Battery conditions, HDD, Yr of manufacturing, model, etc.? What other main things which must be known before purchasing a second hand or old laptop online?
    Experts: do guide.
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    My answer might be out of sub but I would suggest go for new laptop instead of second hand , as now a days so many laptop's are available on very low cost or go for installment payments. The gadgets should always be be purchased new. Some of my friends did not have good experiences while buying second hand gadgets from this famous sites.
    Check out warranty card if laptop is not older than 2 years. As you mentioned battery.

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    When it comes to laptop, be it first hand new or the second hand. Do note that most of the companies only offer 1 year warranty. And if you are buying the product second hand then make sure to have the extended warranty for the spare. So if anyone is selling the laptop after 3 years of usage, then make sure the system works.

    Most of the time nobody sells the laptop after 3 years of usage unless it has issues or if they are in need of financial side. So it all comes down to what you're getting. Some of the things that you may need to pay attention to are as follows -

    1. Check the RAM of the system, make sure it has no issues during the bootup of laptop.
    2. Check if the system boots properly and is not slow loading.
    3. Check if the system has no display issues while loading.
    4. Make sure that system has no virus after booting.
    5. Make sure to get warranty extended from service center after purchase.

    This should prepare you for purchase from the olx and quickr. If you are paying anywhere more than 20K for laptop, better get it new instead of second or third hand.

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    If you are thinking to buy a laptop from olx or quikr then go only for under warranty laptops with bill and check their warranty online on companies website or even you can check warranty on phone by their customer service center.

    Thinks to be check while buying an laptop:

    1. Check the bill with serial number and other details like RAM processor and match the same in laptop (by right click on my computers and properties you will get the details of processor and RAM)

    2. Check the booting process of laptop, i3 or higher with win 7 or higher takes around 4-10 sec in booting the system (it is totally depend on the RAM)

    3. Check the screen by folding and unfolding the laptop 3-4 times.

    4. Check the keyboard (by using word doc and typing all the letters including special characters)

    5. Check the trackpad or mouse (by opening paint and drawing)

    6. Check the speakers (by playing a song of your mobile)

    7. Check the WiFi, Bluetooth, and other ports as well because most of the time WiFi and Bluetooth have problems

    8. Check the display (by playing a video of high quality or high quality game)

    9. Check the battery (by playing a game or a video, playing an video of 10 mins down the battery around 5-6 percent [high quality video 720p])

    10. Check the outer body is not damaged or cracked from somewhere.

    Lakhan Paryani
    Sr. Software Engineer (.NET Technologies)

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    I would suggest you to buy the new laptop. Of you want to buy the old laptop you mist check the following things:-
    1. Ram should be 2 GB not less then 2 GB ram.
    2. All keys of the keyboard work properly and the mouse pad also.
    3. The laptop should be more than 360 GB hard disk because is used in storing the lots of the data.
    4. The laptop should be support the latest version of the windows like window 8.
    5. The screen resolution should be 720 p.
    6. The processor should be core i3 second generation.
    7. You should get the bill of the laptop.
    8. The laptop should be work on the principal of DOS.

    Saket Kumar
    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

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    If you are buying laptop from Quikr, Olx or any online portal, then remember that you will get only few minutes to check features and conditions. Because nobody will give you hours for a deal. In few minutes you may check the condition of the laptop. But it is not enough to give you guarantee that you are buying a good product.

    It is very necessary to do deep check about the conditions for long time. Because in first few minutes laptop may look fine but may start lagging or showing issues like "battery draining, screen problem, auto rebooting problem" after few hours.

    So, 1st thing I would suggest to buy old laptop from your good reference. So that they might trust you and give you the laptop so that you can check that thoroughly. And 2nd thing i would suggest that if you don't have sound knowledge about hardware or you don't have time to check laptop for long time, then bring that laptop to any professional laptop repair technician and ask for his suggestion.

    This will help you to get good product without any worry.

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    • It is recommended to buy a new laptop rather than buying an old one. Computer is an electronic device and it is very difficult to guess in 2-5 minutes whether everything is working fine.
    • If you a buy an old laptop the main disadvantage is you will spend money and get no guarantee on the laptop.
    • The battery cannot be tested in a short span.
    • There might be certain heating issue which will come in the times to come.
    • Today you can get a laptop with 4Gb RAM,2.2 GHz processor and 1TB Memory in around 22k.It can be even lesser if you buy in offer period with many sites offering cashback.
    • As and when you use you get to know please go for a new laptop that has warranty

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