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    How can a decayed tooth be saved?

    Worried about how to save a decayed tooth? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I was having cavity in my side tooth. I have visited a dentist in the past and after that due to my ignorance I have suffered more than 50% tooth decay till now . What could be the possible detailed solution for it?
    Is there any other way than extraction?
    Experts: do provide solution.
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  • Tooth decay occurs when specific types of bacteria produce acid which destroys the tooth's enamel and the dentin. Bacteria live in our mouths and build up on the teeth in a sticky film called dental plaque. When we eat and drink, these bacteria produce acids, which dissolve the protective layer. The acid removes minerals from the enamel, which cause a cavity. Decay begins in the main portion of the tooth and as the enamel is broken down . Brushing will reduce the amount of dental plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Eat less sugar, Use of fluoride toothpaste, use mouth rinses to reduce the bacteria in mouth.There is two way to treat the tooth decay 1. Apply sealants/fillings on molars. In more serious cases, a root canal may be done.

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  • Proper and regular brushing of teeth with medicated toothpaste will reduce dental plaque and bacteria in the mouth. However, serious decay of teeth are treated by applying fillings and by root canal operation.
    I would advise you to consult a qualified dentist and proceed as per his/her direction. I would also request you not fall for the so-called 'desi dawai' because the decay of teeth in your case is more.

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  • Decaying tooth is harder to be saved, the reason being the decaying process once start can only be slowed down with cementing process. This process doesn't guarantee the decaying from further loss. I have also found out that most of the time the tooth if properly bridged and filled with chemical, then it can stop shaking. However the process where the tooth decays eventually gets triggered too.

    However, you can stop the other teeth from getting decayed. You have to take care of the teeth. You have to brush the teeth on everyday basis. Make sure that you're cleaning them and doing the two times brush. This way you're keeping the teeth clean. Do also floss after eating something that gets stuck inside your teeth.

    None of the method however guarantee the decaying as it's natural once it started either naturally or artificially due to eating habits or any other means.

  • Once tooth decay start it's very hard too save it. But regular and proper care can help. Brush twice a daily ask prescription to dentist about tooth paste. I read somewhere Amla juice is helpful for good oral health. Best solution is to extract decayed tooth. Do ask your doctor for filling if it can be done.

  • Tooth decay means bacteria attack the enamel and dentine layer of the tooth. The treatment for the tooth decay depend on the magnitude of spread of the decay.

    The spread of the decay could be found by oral examination and by taking x-ray.

    If the decay is only in the enamel layer then only filling is required. The filling may be silver filling or using a tooth colored material. The cost of tooth colored material is higher than the silver filling.
    If the decay have reached the dentine, the treatment depend on the how much the decay have penetrated the dentine. Deeper to dentine is the pulp. If the decay in the dentine reach near pulp then the dentist could provide a temporary filling for 14 days, if there is no pain then the permanent filling is done.

    If the decay reaches pulp then only resort is doing a root canal treatment or removal of the teeth.

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