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    Should India give asylum to Baluch leaders?

    Have a query about giving asylum to Baluch leaders? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    Brahamdagh Bugti, grandson of slain Baluch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti, has sought asylum in India. This separatist Baluch leader has wide following all over Baluchistan and because of this reason, there has been more than one assassination attempt on him.

    Should India give asylum to Brahamdagh Bugti? How does this decision help India's interest? Foreign affairs experts may kindly offer their comments on this issue.
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  • As you are watching violence, terrorism,our soldiers dying daily in counter terrorism operations. After so many efforts by Modi govt. for peace, Pakistan is not listening to anything and promoting violence and terrorism from her land. There is no end for this situation. If India supports Baluchistan movement and give asylum to Baloch leaders, Pakistan will become week and divided into 3 pieces, Then only we can see some peace on border.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • As a tit-for-tat, the suggestion appears convincing. However India my ned to involve more financially and I direct help there for that. Pakistan has very cleverly used China in some projects that are connected with Baluchistan area. Hence any acton by India will be interpreted by Pakistan as also against China.

    But that is the opportunity to tell China also not to support Pakistan against India. Helping Baluch will be a check on Pakistan who now create trouble in Kashmir. By taking care of our Eastern border, we can step in Baluch affairs. However India should not involve our personnel there. Instead it should support by finance and arms against Pak government.

    (This is more suited as a GD topic than an ask expert question)

  • India has very constrained relation with Pakistan due to proxy war it is imposing on India through terrorism. India has to search for a solution to this disease at the earliest. Since both the countries are having atomic weaponry in their arsenal, direct war will be devastating. One of the option is to create unrest inside Pakistan and divert its attention from India. Baluchistan and Sindh are two regions, where people are demonstrating against Pakistan. In this scenario, Baloch leader is asking for asylum in India because their life is in danger there.
    India should provide asylum to Baloch leader. It will create pressure on Pakistan. India should encash this opportunity and hype the plight of Baloci people to international community. It will benefit both India and the Balochistan. As in the case of Bangladesh, India acted proactively and annexed it from Pakistan. Though border of Balochistan is not meeting with border of India, hence this case will be slightly different when compared to Bangladesh. For that India will have to take Afghanistan and Iran in confidence to pursue the issue more effectively.
    India should become the mouthpiece of Balochi people and raise their concern so that it come under the scanner of world community and Pakistan can feel the heat of terrorising India.

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