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    How to start own blog for helping CA students.?

    Want to start your own blog? Searching for information about using wordpress? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    Since a long time I am interested to start my own blog to help CA students. But I have no idea how to start it. Kindly give some ideas how to start? I have seen something about wordpress but not getting any idea. How does it work? Can you help me by telling the whole procedure?
    Awaiting response.
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  • When it comes to blogging you have plenty of options. You can start by going to paid route, and purchase hosting and the domain. And then install WordPress into the account and start using the WordPress. That is one premium option. This can be suitable if you want to make money from professional blogging. Otherwise for starters this is not that much better option.

    Another option is to use some other free blog options online. You have options to choose from such as WordPress., and and if you are into simple tutorials then even would be a good enough.

    I suggest starting with the option. You can register the name that suits your CA guide niche. And then post on the blog. You can also schedule the post and then let it auto post one day at a time. Make sure to use the contact form so that people can contact you. So it all depends on how your blog from here onward.

  • Happy to know that you want to help students with your blog. For a fresher in Web publishing like you, blogging is a good option to share your views without any restrictions and you can improve the quality of the content so that you could have more page views.

    Please do start with Blogger or WordPress sites that has step by step procedures to start blogging. You need to create your blog by naming it and select a wide range of blog themes that just reflect how your blog appears. The pre installed online templates makes it easy for you to put the content title, body and to include any media like photos to depict the content clearly. Just use blogging for a year and if you get better page views,you may prefer to make your blog as a website that requires buying a domain space. You can use Search engine optimisation techniques (SEO) to make your content visible on Google searches and monetize your content with Google Adwords.

    Start your blog today, many things will come in your way. I advice you to read blogging articles on India Study Channel to improve your blogging skills.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Power Plant Operations Engineer.

  • For starting blog to help CA students, the best way is to setup your account either on Blogger or Wordpress. I have started from Blogger, but now I think Wordpress is little better than Blogger. Wordpress has more features and tools in comparison to Blogger. You will get free hosting in Wordpress and Blogger to upload your posts online. However, if you wish to make your site viral over Google Search results, then better you buy domain for your site. If you wish to purchase for Indian users only, then better you purchase .in domain which would cost you nearly Rs.170 for the first year and later on Rs.500 per year.

    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

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