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    Is there any scope for Aritificial intelligence (AI) in India?

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    I want to know whether AI technology has scope in India?
    And if there is scope than any college is teaching Artificial intelligence? I want know more about this technology. Where is it more appropriate to do this course: in India or abroad? Can you provide advice about this because I want to make my career in this field?
    Awaiting advice.
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    Few institutes in India offer programs like M.Tech. in Robotics, Master's in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence etc.

    Minimum eligibility criteria for admission in such courses is a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering or Computer Science/Engineering etc.

    Some of the institutes offering such programs are - IIIT Hyderabad, Osmania University, University of Hyderabad, MS University etc.

    The Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India has a Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Bengaluru with a focus on research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, and Control systems. Other Indian companies which work in this field include Precision Automation Robotics India Limited (PARI), ABB, Kuka Robotics and DiFACTO Robotics and Automation etc.

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    Artificial intelligence technology has wide popularity in group of people who deal with robotics. That is because this technology when embedded into robotics gives the robots the power of realization and precision, accuracy in any field of work.

    In our country, Artificial intelligence is taught as a part of robotics. national institutes like IIT and IISC gives best exposure to the technology. currently this technology is taught as subject in any of the semester in Masters degree of Robotics. the following students with bachelors degree as eligible in courses:
    • Electrical and Electronics engineering

    • Computers and software engineering

    • Electronics engineering

    • Instrumentation engineering

    • Mechanical engineering
    Many private institutions provide a certified courses on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Technologies. Some private institutions have tie up's with foreign universities for teaching applied artificial intelligence in Robotics.

    There's a lot of scope for Artificial Intelligence(AI) in our country. This technology is responsible for accurate working of following systems:
    • Remote rocket launching

    • Remote Missile launching

    • Remote and precision rocket tracking

    • Remote and precision Missile tracking

    • Pre-launch simulation and analysis of whether missile or torpedo will hit the target or not

    • Simulation of PSLV or GSLV satellite launch vehicles by artificial intelligence to know whether satellite will be placed in orbit or not? and if else it could be placed what are the parameters like launch velocity, axis, direction can be simulated
    This technology is internationally becoming popular with the new trend of robotic vehicles or self driven vehicles. These vehicles use state of art artificial Intelligence to analyse the traffic and guide the vehicle safely in heavy traffics.

    So your option to do course on AI is appreciative. All the best for your future

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Power Plant Operations Engineer.

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    Eligibility should be a B.E degree with specialised in Computer Science, ECE,EEE, Mechanical,Production.

    IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Madras, IISC Bangalore, University of Hyderabad, MS University, Osmania University are the universities offering Artificial Intelligence courses in India.

    University of California, Georgia Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology are the universities in abroad offering
    Artificial Intelligence Courses.

    Companies like Difacto Robotics and Automation, Precision Automation Robotics India Limited, ABB, Kuka Robotics, Hi-tech Robotics Systemz are also best.

    Job Roles:
    Game Programmer, Robotic Scientist, Computer Scientist, Software Engineer, Designing Robotics, Robotic applications in various fields.

    Subjects needed to understand the Artificial Intelligence: English, Multi languages,Mathematics, Physics, Biology, programming, Logical thinking.

    Most of the video games,recognition software such as Finger print, face recognition are done using the Artificial Intelligence.

    They have very good pay if the person has a good B.E with CS/ECE/EEE along with the Masters degree in A.I and also a Ph.D. has competing pay.

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    All the posts above have given you a clear idea about the institutions that have AI.
    I would like to focus on the industrial use of AI. We can see that companies like Infosys have a greater inclination towards artificial intelligence. They are building their own MANA platform to leverage AI. Similarly companies like Accenture and HCL are also working on Robotic automation platforms.

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