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    What is therapeutic touch (TT) healing procedure?

    Looking out for details of therapeutic touch healing? Here, on this page experts shall provide you resolution to all your queries.

    Few people believe that therapeutic touch (TT) procedure can help in curing cancer and certain other diseases. What is therapeutic touch (TT) healing procedure? Are the patients physically touched by the therapists in this procedure? Is it available in India?
    Experts: do advice.
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    Therapeutic Touch:-
    It is a healing procedure in which therapist who practices it places his hands either on patient's body or else nearby it. Energy exchange takes place in this procedure. When therapist places his hands on patient's body he is entering into the energy field of patient. He then modulates patient's energy by interacting with it. This therapy promotes healing as well as reduces pain and patient's anxiety.

    Body- Natural healer:-
    It is believed that body does not require any external healing. Body heals itself provided its energy is balanced. Imbalance caused in body gives rise to diseases and disorders and also healing does not take place properly. Through therapeutic touch, energies concentrated in body are brought back to their original balanced state which in turn promotes its natural healing.

    Therapeutic touch in short is known as "TT". It is also known as "NCTT" which stands for non-contact therapeutic touch. It has been practiced since ancient times. It is no way connected with any sort of religious faith but is based on pure energy exchange that takes between soul to soul. Therapist acts as support system to enhance immune system of patient. It does not believe in treating certain disease. It believes in treating complete energy system of body which will correct any sorts of diseases or disorders that are developed due to imbalance.

    Therapeutic touch was first introduced by Delores Krieger who developed as well as practiced this therapy. It is not a substitute for any medical treatment. It should actually be carried out along with other medical treatments which fastens the healing and correction of disorders. It brings patients body to best condition so that healing takes place quickly.

    One session of "TT" lasts anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. Patient will be asked to either sit or lie down comfortably. Therapist will then touch patient's body lightly or use gentle strokes in sweeping motion to interact with his energy field. Usually therapeutic touch is confused with healing touch. Healing touch comprises of many techniques which are taught through healing touch program.

    Therapeutic touch can treat serious ailments like cancer too. As mentioned it does not substitute medical treatments in fact it compliments those treatments. Cancer patients are often given radiations and chemotherapy which result in serious side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness etc..... Therapeutic touch reduces these side effects and corrects energy field of the body which result in keeping body in best condition to tolerate such unbearable treatments. It brings back both body and mind in best state.

    People of all ages and states of health can benefit from it. Only certain care has to be taken when therapeutic touch is given to pregnant ladies as there is more than one energy field in them. Also in individuals suffering from mental illness, therapeutic touch becomes a little difficult. This therapy reduces both stress and tension relieving anxiety. It relaxes muscles. Yes, it is practiced in India too.

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