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    How to correct spelling mistake in name in my HSC documents?

    Worried about a spelling mistake in a parent's name in academic documents? Quickly get help from experts on how to get it corrected and know if such a mistake will create problems in getting a government job.

    My father's name is Profulla Borah. But in my HSC Admit card,registration card and certificate it is written as Profull Borah. My HSLC documents had the correct name. So what should I do? Will I have any problem while applying for a Govt job? Please reply.
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  • You can correct your father's name in your HSC certificate. You can apply to school board through your school headmaster for correction of your father's name.
    If you wishes to correct your father's name you should apply for a court affidevit. It is simple mistake in your certificate.You can apply to any job but your father's name should be written as your court affidevit in your job application.
    There is not any problem during certificate verification because court affidevit is sufficient for correction of any name.

  • When it comes to government job the "a" in your name can make a lot of difference. And the background check department usually wants you to correct such mistakes before you join any department under government. Here's the process that you need to follow. Make an application specifying the change that you need on the name in the document. You can also get the recommendation from the principle of your school or college regarding this. You also need to do the affidavit and the attestation of the documents which have the correct name. Then you have to apply to the HSC board regarding this change. Though private companies s are not going to care for such name mistakes during the changes. But some government department are a bit strict over this. So get it corrected before joining as then the background change happens.

  • This type of query was asked earlier also. Yes you will have problem when you apply for govt jobs or for any of your father's identification. Actually the students name and the father's name should be same in all the certificate's. Some time's even small initial's also create problem while joining for job or any verification process like for Passport or VISA.
    So its better you change the father's name in all certificate in one name. You have to write a letter to the concerned board for changing of father's name and send certain xerox documents affixed with it. before you write a letter just contact them in phone and find out the process.
    Hope this query helped you.

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