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    How do I create proxy and security

    Wondering how to create a proxy server? Looking out for step by step procedure? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    I have 5 PCs which all were connected by a switch with internet connection(modem). Now I want to create one proxy like in schools,colleges, company etc. to restrict some websites.
    How to create such proxy setup free without any external server(Is it possible)?
    How to restrict some websites through that proxy access. instead of network privacy settings to a particular system?
    Can you share the step-by-step procedure?
    Experts: do assist.
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  • There are multiple ways to achieve the restriction based security. Here are some of the options i am putting across so you can decide for yourself.

    1. Website Filtering software : install software like netnanny and cyberpatrol. These software allow you to decide what things one can watch and things you can keep control. You can make list of websites and add into their filter list. And people in the network wont be able to access them.

    2. Use localhost filtering. Find out the website address and change the SVC host policies to redirect those sites to the localhost address as :

    3. Router blocking: This is very effective method. As this stops the websites from router level. And unless anyone knows about removing this restriction, router will continue to block those sites.

    These are some of the common ways to block the website. You can also use windows specific server settings and block the website from the policy editor. It depends on how strong security you want.

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