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    Is there any Insurance plan which will give benefit of Term Plan also?

    Searching for insurance plans which can also give term plan benefits? Check out this page for answers to your queries.

    Term Plan is provided by different companies and Offline term plan has very high premium compared to online. We will not get any maturity for term plan. Term Insurance amount is given after death of insured person. But is there any plan in which this much high risk is also covered and also we get return upon maturity?
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    We have 2 kinds insurance plans
    1. Term Insurance - No maturity amount will be provided and the insured amount will be provided to nominee in case of demise of insured person. Premium will be very low in this kind of plans.

    2. Endowment Plan - Fixed maturity amount will be provided at the end of policy tenure if nothing happens to insured person. Premium will be high in endowment plan.

    LIC and other insurance providers in India offer both Term Insurance and Endowment policy.

    Note: Insurance is not a investment tool and we should not mix both investment and Insurance.


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