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    Obtaining a Birth Certificate for a 12 yrs old child

    Wondering how to obtain birth certificate of a 12 year old child? Worried if there will be any complication? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have a child who is 12 years old. I was in love with a girl and she gave birth to the child at home before we got married. Later we got married and now I want to obtain a Birth Certificate for my child as it had become necessary to produce the same at the school. How do I obtain a Birth Certificate for my child? Is there any complication?
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  • Obtaining a birth certificate is mandatory for every child born at home or in hospital. The registration for birth certificate must be made within 21 days of birth. Though it is too late in your case, the birth certificate for a child with 12 years can be obtained.

    Do visit your municipality office where the birth happened. Take the necessary forms to be filled and If you are living at the same place please contact the women and child welfare workers in your area to provide proof for the birth and also you may need the attestation of five neighbors who are senior citizens.

    If you are living in a village or the birth place is a village, the concerned village revenue officer can provide you the attestations required and you need to provide a legal document in the form of notary stating that you are the parents and the time and place where the child is born and must be attested with a lawyer. With all these proofs you can apply birth certificate at a municipal office which has a separate section of Registrar of births and deaths by paying concerned fee.

    The certificate of birth can be obtained after days after application.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Power Plant Operations Engineer.

  • I have recently obtained birth certificate of my son, whose DOB is 08.02.2002. For that I obtained a blank form(required for issue of Birth Certificate) from municipality office(where the child was born) and filled all the information regarding child. After that one affidavit by the father stating the place of birth and date of birth has to be prepared. If father is not able to sign on affidavit then grandfather can also sign it. One certificate from head (mukhiya) of village panchayat and initiated by ward member has to be submitted along with affidavit and filled up form to municipality office. If proof of birth is given by a recognised hospital, that too will be a sufficient proof in place of certificate by village head.

  • You can obtain birth certificate of your child at any time. But it is compulsory to have the birth certificate. No matter when your married.
    Take the information of the place and the hospital where your child was born, then go to the nearby taluk office which come under the hospital which she was born jurisdiction. Check out in the office whether the information has been given from the hospital, because until the hospital sends the record to the Taluk office they won't obtain the birth certificate of the child. For obtaining the birth certificate of the child you don't require any marriage certificate. The only records required is the father's and mother's name of the child and the date of birth of the child..
    For obtaining the birth certificate, please don't do any fake proof or any other method where your child will suffer in future.

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