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    Query about brightness adjustment option Android phone

    Are you using an Android phone? Having a query about brightness adjustment option? Check out suggestions from experts on this page.

    I am using Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 android phone since two years. Every thing worked fine until I found my brightness adjustment option is missing in top notification panel.
    Generally this brightness option switches itself off when battery charging is lower than 5%. But I felt weird when I found that this option has disappeared and the screen is operating with 50% brightness at all times. I am feeling uncomfortable with high brightness especially at night.
    Why this has happened and what may be the probable reason? Is there any solution to this?
    Awaiting response.
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  • If you are unable to see Brightness option in your Notifications tab, then you can change it directly from the Settings menu.
    Firstly, go to Settings option.
    Then, go to Display option.
    Here, you will see Brightness option through which you can adjust it according to your need.
    Now, there is an option 'Auto Brightness' beside it. As you have said that during night it turns very high. So, to avoid this you must uncheck 'Auto Brightness' option.
    Even then, if you are facing this issue, then you must visit your nearby Samsung service center.
    Samsung has a good coverage of its service center in almost every cities of India.

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  • Android phone allows you to edit the brightness in settings. To do that you can follow the instructions.

    1. Go to settings by tapping gear icon.
    2. Go to brightness.
    3. Choose auto brightness and it will adjust the brightness based on time of the day.
    4. You can also manually adjust the level of brightness you want by adjusting the slider.

    If this does not work and the display has issues with the brightness then make sure you show the device to the service center. This should solve the issue if there is anything internal issue that is causing it.

  • You can search for the brightness option in the settings of your smartphone and check if that helps. If this does not help then try switching off your power saving mode and switch to manual mode. If this does not work then there should be a malicious app that is controlling the brightness behavior. Try uninstalling suspicious apps and check if that works.
    If any of the above method does not work then formatting can be a good option for your phone.

  • For that, you will have to change the brightness option in the settings option of your android phone. In the settings tab you have to choose the display menu, there you will find brightness option. You have to uncheck the brightness option, to off the automatic brightness change that you have faced only at night. I am also using a Samsung phone and I have changed the brightness of the phone in the same manner. Hope it will work for you.

  • Restore the phone using the factory reset option. That will sort out the issue.

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