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    How to reduce height?

    Searching for remedies to reduce height? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I am 19 years old and I am 6 foot 4 inches tall. Wherever I go I am the tallest person there.I am of slim body type. Most of my classmates are upto my chin level only. Girls are upto my shoulder level. I want to reduce my height or gain some muscles. How can I do that?
    Awaiting advice.
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    Reducing height is not possible. You can build up the muscles by exercise and good diet. You can also go to gym for muscles building. There are different type of exercises to make different body muscles. Choose according to your requirements.
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    The height once achieved cannot be shortened by any means however, there are some means to arrest it further by employing the following techniques-
    1) If the Peautery- gland is functioning at normal rate, this will allow one to register his height further. To give a break in this trend, one has to curtail the time of sleeping from eight to six hours so that there is less secretion of Peautery - gland so the growth - rate remains static.
    2) less consumption of Calcium- Calcium helps in registering the height up to the age of 23 and the same is found in Curd, Milk, Almond, Goose - berry etc and curtailing its intake may arrest the growth in terms of height.
    3) You may relinquish muscles - stretching exercises such as Volley - ball, Basket - ball, Cycling etc so that your growth is arreste to some extent.
    However, I would suggest you to be happy with your present status any cut in the sleeping - pattern may produce a detrimental effect on your health and hence one must resort to healthy exercises and diets in order to remain healthy.

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    There are many who long to be a tall person. Tall personality has its positive benefits. (I do not deny that there are some difficulties also). In the question answer columns you can s more people asking for advice how to increase height.

    Height attained by an adult cannot be reduced by normal means. However by conscious ways of dressing and walking and standing styles one can give an appearance of less height than actual.

    1. As you are saying that you are slim built, you may consume foods which make you a bit thick. Putting up more weight and flesh can give an appearance of less height.

    2. You can wear dress with dark colours.

    3.You can wear shirts with horizontal broad stripes rather than vertical stripes.

    4. Use footwear with plain heels.

    5. While standing do not pull your head up, but stand with a slight bend to one or other side.

    6. Do some weight lifting exercises carefully and gradually under expert supervision. The rounding of muscles can make you appear less taller than actual.

    But my personal suggestion is the relative merit of being tall is more than the demerits. Make use your tall personality as a plus point to contest for some leadership positons, basket ball team etc. In many avenues of life height will be an additional plus factor when all other things are equal.

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    Height being dependent on the bone structure cant be reduced. Weight being part of the fat and the other reducible cells structure can be reduced. So you can't reduce your height. You can however slow down the process of existing height increase. As you are yet to become 21 age which makes chance of increasing height further. I suggest lifting weight and also doing the gym. And this way you can reduce the chance of height and increase the chance of weight gain. This weight process will match with your height increase. That's how it works for the most of the people.

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    Generally height can't be reduced. In this connection, I would also like to state there is no abnormality associated with it, if the height is hereditary in nature. However, abnormal growth due to 'Acromegaly' is related to imbalance of Somatotropic hormones (in common parlance, growth hormones), but in your case, most probably, the height is not due to hormonal imbalance. So, you do not have to worry about your height.

    You can build your body muscles and gain weight by increasing protein intake and by exercising regularly in gym. You will start getting positive results within six months of starting regular exercise.

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