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    How can I become an online tutor?

    Wondering how to become an online tutor? Searching for suggestions and guidance? On this page you will get response to your queries from experts.

    Some of my friends and relatives are insisting for quite some time to become an online tutor. This is because of my so-called ability to teach various common and uncommon subjects and also because of my insomnia. My friends have even forwarded the names and IP addresses of some reliable websites (like Tutorvista, etc.) for this purpose.

    Although I am interested to become an online teacher, I am hesitating because of my almost zero knowledge in computer and related systems.
    So, I am eager to know:-
    (i) What are the instruments/system required for online tutoring?
    (ii) Is there any institute which gives training to aspiring online tutors?
    (iii) What is the standard rate of teaching online at Secondary level, Senior Secondary level and Graduation level students?
    Experts: do advice.
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    Here are some of the answers to your queries.

    1. You need a better MIC. In that case you should check out the Blue Yeti. It's expensive but voice gets very clear through that. Regular 200 rs MIC will work too but you'd find static and other noises with it. Most of the high paying tutoring site expect you to have blue Yeti. But typical Indian sites don't have such requirement as of yet.

    2. There does not seem to be any tutoring or course for you in order to get trained. Some of the time the site has editors who ask you for demo session with them. And they asses you and give you guidance on that front. Depending on the site or the place that hires you decides on the quality and the improvement front.

    3. Rates are dependent on the institution. You can find that some are not established yet and some require you to teach with pretty decent industry rates like 400 Rs per class etc. So for each level and the subject it may vary and some of the time class strength it will vary as well.

    I have taught few programming classes for offshore students and it took me a while to get comfortable. Rates were fluctuating too. So it all comes down to how you adjust with the timing, subject, students and your setup and presentation. It's a lot different experience but you learn with each new session.

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    You can visit and can learn how to become an online instructor with Udemy.
    Udemy is an international online learning domain.
    It is based in San Francisco USA.
    Udemy also offer free online certified courses as well.
    If you go thru any interested courses, you will came to know how it works.

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    There are so many companies in India which has taken up online tutoring for foreign students. You can check, where you get few job postings every day for the same.
    You need to have a reliable desktop / laptop with microphone and speakers to interact with the students. Some companies have their own platform for teaching, where you will be trained to use their software. The main aspect is you need to get accustomed to the study materials and teaching methodology based on the country of the student you take.

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    Hello Sir,
    To become a online tutor are very simple because of the YouTube. It does not required to much knowledge of technology, it requires basic knowledge to become a online tutor on YouTube. You can also earn too much money from YouTube also.
    Follow some steps to create channel on YouTube:
    • First make gmail account
    • Then got to and click on create sign in
    • After that you will transfer to gmail websites, there you will type your email id and password.
    • Then you were asked to type channel name.. Please choose a simple and attractive channel name.
    Follow some steps to make lectures or rather we say video:
    • Requirements for making a video: A laptop/ Desktop, A good quality of Mic Like Boya ( You can buy this mic • from this link: And a Power point Presentation software.
    • First make a PowerPoint present using Microsoft PowerPoint software. Example were given in Picture
    • Then record the video using screen recorder like I Spring Recorder
    • At last Publish the video on YouTube.
    Thank you

    Saket Kumar
    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

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    To become an online tutor you can visit you tube for more reference. It does not need much more knowledge i think that i requires only basic knowledge. Online tutor is very much helpful as a students. Dissertation writing service helps me lot in my academic writing task.

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