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    What is hymenoplasty with reference to the plastic surgery procedures?

    Looking out for information about plastic surgery procedures? Wondering what is hymenoplasty? Find responses from experts on this page.

    Recently, I came across the term hymenoplasty while reading about plastic surgery. I am not familiar with the term and intend to know more about it. What is hymenoplasty with reference to the plastic surgery procedures? Are such medical procedures available in India and what may be the approximate cost of the same?
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  • Hymenoplasty:-
    A membrane that covers opening of vaginal region is known as hymen. Hymenoplasty is a procedure in which hymen is restored back to its original position. It is a way to fix the broken hymen. It is also known as hymen surgery, hymen restoration and hymen reconstruction surgery.

    1) Rape victims.
    2) Conservative women coming from families where intact hymen is a symbol of virginity.
    3) Women who wants to get married.
    4) Women who wants to add a surprise element in their married life.
    5) Trauma or injury to hymen causing its rupture.
    6) Women who wants to feel young again.

    Operation duration:-
    To restore hymen intact and back to its position will take almost 30-45 minutes. Patient will be subjected to either local anesthesia or general anesthesia. After successful operation, one can hardly differentiate whether surgery was done or hymen was intact right from beginning as hardly any scarring due to operation will be found in the area. Though complete healing will require one month duration but patient can return back to his work after a day or two. Dis-solvable stitches are used in the operation.

    Hymenoplasty in India:-
    Yes, hymenoplasty procedure is done in India and is in great demand right now. Every year 20-30% of increase is seen in this surgery. Women between ages of 20-30 years are usually seen going for hymen reconstruction procedure. It has almost become a trend today. Best thing is that surgery barely takes an hour and hymen is restored back to its original position without any sign of surgery done on it and also has no side effects.

    Cost of hymen reconstruction:-
    Cost will vary greatly depending on the hospital one chooses to get this operation done. In private hospitals, cost may come between Rs: 50,000 to Rs: 70,000. In public hospitals, cost will greatly be reduced and one needs to pay anywhere between Rs: 15,000 to Rs: 20,000

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