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    Are science subjects taught in regional languages in India at graduation and post graduation level?

    Wondering if science subjects are taught in regional languages for UG and PG? Find responses from experts on this page.

    Generally, it is understood that the science subjects are taught in the English language medium in the universities in India. Are there educational institutions in which the science subjects are taught in regional languages also in India at graduation and post graduation level? Also, are textbooks for such courses available in the regional languages?
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  • Science subjects after 10th (SSC) level are switched to the english in almost every state in india. None of the university and HSC level exams have the science subject in local language. The regional language science is only limited upto the 10th standard. And even upto 10th standard, you'd not be having any devnagari names for the symbols, notations and the formulas. Graduate and post graduate level of the education in science remains in the english only.

  • As far as I know, at post-graduation level, Science subjects are being taught in English in every State in India. However, at graduation level, there is provision of studying Science subjects in Hindi and vernacular languages, although very few students opt for it. This is simply because writing Science text-books in Indian languages has not yet been developed.
    I personally know that Revered Professor Satyendranath Bose took an initiative to write Science books in Bengali (Bangiya Vijnan Parishad), but after his death in 1974, the effort gradually diminished and has now become almost negligible.

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  • Though there is provision in some universities to write science - papers in Hindi - medium but for their own interest, it would be better to switch over English - medium since the terminologies, formulaes and definitions are better understood in English - language and translation in other medium such as in Hindi may be inappropriate sometimes.
    For the post- graduate in science, one has to write invariably in English - medium.

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