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    How to start designing a hardware and software based project?

    Worried about how to start a computer project in PG? Check out this page for response from experts.

    I am a Masters student of Electronics Engineering. I have completed my engineering, qualified in GATE, got admission in a good reputed college. But I have not done anything to improve my knowledge.
    Now I am starting with my final year project, which I need to do on my own. I don't have any practical experience of building a project and whether it will be software or hardware. It is going to be too difficult for me to capture all this. I am working as a intern and my guide has only given me the title statement. I don't know what should I do? My project is too huge, including designing of high speed data acquisition hardware, building an EtherCAT modules, connecting them through a software toolkit.
    Can you tell me how to do it?
    Awaiting response.
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  • You have to break your project into small parts. And then you have to separate the components and then do the projects in step. This way you can decide which component of the software requires design and work.

    Now starting from the hardware part, you have to meet a person, who knows the project inside out in terms of what goes inside. Nobody on internet can guide you just on the basis of the name of the project. That also keeps people away unless you explain them how you want things to work. One thing I can tell you is that find out person in your city who knows how to do such project. usually people who repair electronics can guide you into this. Most of the local electronics shops can also help in completing the project. Take one component to them and do it. As for software, find out the language it takes for the project. And then find the person who can guide you onto this. That's the step you should take for the project.

  • As per your query you have not mentioned the title of your project, but any way I will give you some tips which may help you for completing your project.
    1. Hardware requirement : First I will tell you about hardware requirement. For this you should determine the usage requirements. This means when you plan for a hardware it is required for project server at a starting point. There should be variables which include the number of projects, tasks, users, average tasks per project etc. You should even decide whether your project requires large, medium or small data set hardware requirements.
    2. Software requirements: For this you need to decide about three facts
    Operating system
    Database server (SQL Server)
    SharePoint Server
    Software requirements for Project Server feature usage
    Before deciding the operating system You need to know about the Memory space that is required for the OS that your using and whether it supports your Database.

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