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    What it means by vocational courses?

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    In the context of unemployment and career options, we often come across the term 'vocational courses'? What exactly it means by a vocational course? How vocational courses are different from the normal or professional courses? Are only the courses offered by the ITIs are vocational courses or other institutions also offer vocational courses?
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  • Vocational courses are offered by number of institutions and number of schools also and different type of courses are also offered.
    These courses help you learn in a practical way about a universities and professional or trade organisations. These courses are offered by career colleges, vocational schools, trade schools, and community colleges and even they provide job-focused training for specific roles or careers.
    These courses are similar to professional courses the only difference is that in professional we go regularly to have a degree. But in vocational courses we have freelancing time to select where in professional it is not possible.

  • Vocational courses are such courses which equips an aspirant to attain proficiency in a particular field so that one is able to carry out one's performance with the enhanced skills.
    In the vocational - course, there is practical applicability of that trade in the practical dimension. Supposing that an aspirant having passed class ten of a recognised board joins ITI recognised by Central - government in Eletrician trade. He would get an extensive training for 18 months in that particular trade so that he can handle the jobs relating to that trade independently.
    So the basic difference between a normal course and the professional one lies in strengthing the aspirants in the practical domain in the later case where as in the normal course knowledge is imparted to make them knowledgeable in the eras they are persuing.
    ITI is the area where trade - apprentice in different areas such as Turner, Rigger, Fitter, Mechanical - draftsman, Civil draftsman, Electrician, Plumber etc are imparted for the specified time and after completion of the trade, a certificate is assigned to enable an aspirant to carry out his job in that trade.
    There are other institutes also imparting specialised training for Nurses, X- Ray technicians, Laboratory - technicians helping the Pathologists in carrying out Blood - tests, Diploma in ophthalmology, computer - technician etc. Each course as indicated above would enable the candidates to be acquainted with the basic skill required in a particular area and apart from that there are great demands of all these professiona courses.

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