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    Career guidance after 17 years of IT experience.

    Looking out for a career change after 17 years of IT experience? On this page experts shall respond to your query.

    I have been working with a software firm since 17 years. I am basically a core developer (C,c++, scripting) and have been in telecom projects from basic wireline to 4G/5G wireless. From past 2 years I am into project management work (no technical hands on). These days I have been thinking of taking a break from my current job as my presence at home seem to be a priority for kids education (one child in primary and other in high school).
    The plan is to take a break of about 7 years during which I would want to do something that will add on to my CV and also would fetch me some money (decent 20k+). I would be free between 9.30am in the morning to 3.00pm in the afternoon . Would want to utilize this time. I hold a MSc (computer science) degree and recently turned 40. Would need your advice on this. I have below plans in mind (nothing finalized).
    1. Do a degree
    - BEd or MPhil or any other ( need details on best universities providing correspondence course and fee structure etc)
    - professional certification (degree) which will add on to my CV (just know of PMP orany other suggestions would help)
    - short term course on something that interests me (interior design, fashion design) which would definitely fetch me a job.
    2. Do a job
    - work from home jobs where I get some quick money (suggestions guidance needed)
    The idea here is that after my break when I see back, I would need to be satisfied that the break was worth it.
    Awaiting career guidance.
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    With your statement "to take a break of about 7 years", I assume that you will return to the IT job. As I know (you would also probably know), IT employers would not prefer to hire candidates who had a break in years of experience. The employers will always want to ensure that they are picking a candidate who is rightly fit for the requirement and is going to continue from his previous job. A break of 7 years means you will almost loose your skills as the last 2 years would have showed you how much your skills were left underutilized. So, I would not suggest you for a break of 7 years.

    In my view, either you should continue in your current job alongside doing some certification and move out of IT completely. In case you are planning to a degree course, then do it along with your current job. In case you are planning to move out of IT permanently, then you should make sure that you are getting a good job with enough salary to meet the financial requirements of your family. Do consider these points.


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