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    How to return an item bought in Online market by using return policy?

    Searching for how to return an item bought online? Here on this Ask Expert page you will find response to yuor queries.

    When we buy any item in Online Market like Amazon or Flipkart or Snapdeal there is a return policy exists in these online markets. Suppose if a person buys a Mobile in any of the Online market if they want to return it because the person doesn't like the item as it is not meeting his aspiration as he thought before its buying. The person has used this item few days but he has not satisfied with its functioning. Can he return such item within 10 days as suggested on this type of Online markets. Is the return policy is different for different markets? What are the steps to be followed to return a mobile phone bought in Amazon or Flipkart or Snapdeal step by step. What these companies do with these returned mobiles?
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    Yes every online marketing sites have different return policies and their terms and conditions, always read them carefully before buying any items.

    Yes even you can return mobiles after using it for few days but they should be intact condition as they were delivered.
    it means you should not apply any screen guard on it.
    You should not break any part of it.
    You should not have any scratches on it.
    You should have all the items which came with mobile at the time of delivery.

    Always create a video at the time of opening your parcel as a proof.

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    Most of the online e-commerce websites have the return policy of 7 days for some product and 30 days for some of the products. And some of the products don't have the return policies at all. Let' assume that you have a product have the need for the returns. In such case you'd have to follow the instructions in order to get the return. The below steps are common for both amazon and the snapdeal and flipkart.

    1. Find the customer service or the support dashboard of the e-commerce website.
    2. Find the return policies page and you can read up on the clause.
    3. Write the request for the returns of the product. Or you can call and generate the support ticket.
    4. Prepare your item for the shipment and keep the product ready to pickup. Make sure you don't do any harm for the existing product because then it'd not be refundable. If it's already in the unusable state then take images and keep them handy on your side.
    5. Let the logistic partner pickup the product from your house.
    6. Within 2-5 days or more depending on the product you get the confirmation for the product return.
    7. If you have asked for the refund then you'd get your money back in 7-15 days from the confirmation.
    8. If you have asked for the product switch or the product change then that would be done within next 7-10 days.

    The returned mobiles go back to the seller. And then they just return those faulty products back to the manufacturer to get their side of the returns back.

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    Each online shopping portal will have its clear return policy. Please read the entire literature and be familiar with the terms and conditions specified therein, or refer whenever needed.

    From my own experience, I give below the general points in returning an item bought online.

    1. Accept the item only if the packing is not tampered with. Please inspect the packet in front of the delivery person and only after ensuring that it is not tampered you accept and sign.

    2. While opening the packet, if possible take full video. That will come to your help in case a clam is to be lodged later.

    3. Test use the item immediately taking care not to break the warranty seals.

    4.If the item is not as per your order, and you are not going to accept it that way, immediately send a communication to the online portal adding a photo of the item you received and the picture in the order. Inform them that you want to return the item and need a replacement or refund.

    5. If the item is not functional, or defective or damaged, then also do as in 4, informing the reason. The earlier the communication, the better for you. You should not do anything on the item further, but keep it back in the same pack.

    6. Good and established portals will communicate back to you and tell you the formalities once again for return and refund. They may ask you to file the standard format of return and refund/replacement in their standard formats online. Do that.

    7. Good portals have their own arrangement of taking back(reverse pick-up) of the returned item. The authorised couriers will come to you and take delivery of the returned item. For that you have to pack it as suggested by the portal or courier. The online shopping portal will guide you in this. If not, you have to contact them, follow-up and get clear guidelines.

    8. Get and keep records of return message, return despatch etc.

    I had a couple of instances of return of the item and replacement and refund also. I did not have any problem. In my case, I also informed the seller also about return simultaneously when I informed the portal. That can make things faster.

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    What are the steps to be followed to return a mobile phone bought in Amazon or Flipkart or Snapdeal step by step?
    Answer-After receiving the item,check it for any defect, damage, size,color etc. If you are not satisfied and the return policy permits you to return the item, then you can return by following steps-
    1.Check the order status and it should be as delivered.
    2. Click on the return the item,a window will appear asking the reason of return. Choose the reason from the drop down menu and submit.
    3.Return request no./ ticket no. will be allotted to your request.
    4.Within 2-3 days one courier person will come to collect the item from you.
    5. Take a receipt from the person and keep it safe for future reference. On the receipt of item to the company, they will refund the money in your wallet.
    6. Now you can use that money to purchase or can transfer into your account.

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    Your query is not clear you want to know how to return an item purchased online or you want know what these companies do with these returned mobiles.
    As per your first query you can return any item that is purchased online if they have return policy. But as I know Flipkart Amazon and Snapdeal have return policy, but their policy differ's. For this you need to talk to the customer care of that site. They will guide in proper way. Suppose if you have purchased the item BY COD [Cash On Delivery] then when you go for return policy the person of the concerned will take your item and then after one week you will get the check of the amount you have paid, or else your amount will be credited to your bank account. For this any particular steps cannot be mentioned because the return policy varies. For the best assistance to return an item online is to contact their customer care number and follow the instructions given by them.

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