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    Can I repeat 12 HSC after passing with 2 marksheets.

    Want to improve HSC marks? Unsure of whether you can give HSC exam again? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am science student. I have given HSC exam this year and failed in 2 subjects Physics and Maths. But after that I gave re exam in July and got passed in both.
    Now I am having 2 marksheets and I want to go for HSC repeat. Can I do that with 2 marksheets? College told me that if you would have passed in 1st attempt then only you are eligible for repeat and improvement. Now they told me that I cannot give HSC any more. What should I do?
    Awaiting advice.
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    It all depends on your college. Talk to your principal , convince then why you wanted to reappear to improve your score. Mumbai University offers an option called Class Improvement Scheme (CIS) which allows those who have passed to give the exams again to improve their percentage. There are limited 2 attempts to improve your score. Now for your case first you have to check with your University, It is better to visit University office and enquire. After that talk to college management and fill written application.
    There is another option but uncertain if you opt it. Use your 11th passing certificates and try to see if you can do college for HSC again. Generally college do allow that in case of you are paying full fees and attending college.

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