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    Inkjet Printers or Laser Printers- which are better?

    Confused between the quality of inkjet and laser printers? Searching for the pros and cons of both? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    Inkjet Printers are comparatively much cheaper than Laser Printers. Inkjet Printers of star companies like Canon or HP we get below Rs.5000 rupees with Print, Scan and Copy option. Quality wise do Inkjet printers compete with laser printers?
    General view of the people is, it is more costly to maintain Inkjet printers because the ink Cartridges to be replaced are costly. Some companies like Epson are advertising Ink tank system to cut short the cost of Ink cartridges. Will this system work efficiently?
    Some people suggesting it is wise to buy Inkjet printers which cost very less and Ink cartridges can be filled with ink by ourselves available on online market or by third party Cartridge ink fillers.
    What are the pros and cons of the above issues?
    Awaiting advice.
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    They are depend on your business, whether it is for individual usage or business purpose. Light usage or huge one etc.

    If you want it for individual purpose with less usage (less number of printing the paper, scan, copy etc.) then go with Inkjet Printers which helps you in many ways including cost etc.

    If you are looking for your business purpose and would like to use them for huge prints, copies and scanning etc. then go with Laser Printers. Again all of them depend on its usage only which helps to deduct the cost beside its investment.

    Pros in Inkjet printer:
    In general, each copy cost around INR 0.50+
    Easy access for print, copy, scan and on
    Low investment

    Cons in Inkjet printer:
    Time consumption for result output compare to laser printer
    Need to buy and fill the ink cartridge once it is over after certain usage

    Pros in Laser printer:
    Each copy cost around INR 0.30 or below
    Easy to go for huge print, copy, scan and on
    Time saving, energy saving

    Cons in Laser printer:
    It is little expensive compare to Inkjet
    Technical issue and its cost maybe high though it is rare one

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    Inkjet printers are known for their economic pricing and also cheap refilling. Also when it comes to the maintenance it's not hard to replace them or repair them. The cost of the refill is often under 500 Rs even for the most expensive inkjet printer. The print quality can be good upto the last drop of the inkjet cartridge. Though however there are some of the issues with it such as it is a bit slow compared to laser printer. It also gets used up pretty quickly.

    In case of laser printers, you'd find the cost is a bit expensive. There is not much of the refilling issue as the system makes use of the ink powder and the laser burning system. So the refilling if required is a bit expensive. But you'd not be needing unless you're printing 1000 prints a day and even then it'd need 4-6 months to reach that. The cost of the print is also cheaper than the inkjet printer. Most of the laser printers have the scanner, copier, print and other features included. It may require expensive maintenance if you have any issue.

    So from economy perspective inkjet printers are much better. But for business and small shop perspective you'd find laser printers offering you better value for money.

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    If your use is for home only and far and few, then a laser printer becomes idle. However if you have regular use and take a lot of copies then laser printer is useful and better.

    In the case of inkjet printers, especially the print-scan-copy ones, taking photocopies is not at all advised. That consumes a lot of ink. However as many things need to be sent or attached online , the scan facility becomes very useful. So if the use is very sparing and mostly personal, then the PSC inkjet printers are suggested. It is true that inkjet printers are damn cheap while the cartridges are costly.

    However, please do not depend on refilling. Nowadays some printers make it infeasible to use refilled cartridges. They have some inbuilt mechanism to warn you about the non-original and take you through various steps which also end up wasting ink.

    So for sparing home use get a PSC inkjet printer (if possible, a monochrome one). If there is a more and regular use, then take a suitable ink tank printer; or for large business use buy a laser printer.

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    It depends upon the nature of job. What are your needs? You are going to use it for office purpose or for domestic use. For domestic use inkjet printer is better option. Inkjet printer is cheaper than laser jet printer. But for the official use laser printer is certainly the better option. Where you need more number of pages to be printed and faster service is needed, laser jet printer is better. For professional use if you run the inkjet printer, it will take more time for printing and customer will get annoyed. By inkjet printer more number of pages can not be printer at one go. So, for commercial purpose go for laser printer only.

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