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    Why is the structure of the pelvic bones of males and females different?

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    Both males and females are humans and have skeletons. Generally, the skeletons are similar except in the case of pelvic bones. Why the structure of the pelvic bones of males and females different? Also why generally the female skeletal elements are smaller than those of males?
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  • Though we can generally say that it is the miracle of nature or God's creation, we can give some justification with reference to the mode of life and adaptation.
    Humans are mammals and the human female gives birth to its offspring. The womb has to be well protected and it is nature's protective mechanism that the foetus is protected inside the uterus inside the pelvic space, protected from outside by the pelvic bones. As such the pelvic area of females are having more space to accommodate the future needs of childbearing and childbirth. Hence the pelvic bones of human females are different from males.

    In most higher forms of life, nature has made the male and female different. That is similar in case of humans also.

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