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    How to include a missed out page during scanning in its correct sequence?

    Having a problem in scanning a document? Wondering how to insert a missed page in the correct sequence? Find advice from experts on this page for all your queries.

    While scanning a large bunch of documents, it is possible to miss out scanning one page. I can scan it later, but then how to place it in its correct place so as not to mess up the sequential order of the pages? Is it possible to do so during the scanning process itself or is it possible to do so later? If either of this is possible, please explain how to do so with step by step guidance.
    Awaiting suggestions.

    Note that the scanning of the documents is being done in PDF format.

    An example: I scan a large booklet of pages from nos.1 to 50. I realize after page 30 that I missed out page 28. Can I now shift that page 28 up when the scanning work is still ongoing (and not saved the entire lot yet on clicking the save button) and put it in above page 29? Or is it possible to put that page 28 after scanning the lot, saving it in a folder and re-opening it in PDF?
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  • It is very easy to arrange the pages within a PDF in the order one wants it but only after the scanning has been done & the PDF has been saved. There are so may online tools for that.

    ->First scan the page which you have missed out and save it along with other pages in a single PDF file.
    -> Open the following online tool -
    -> upload the PDF file in which you want to change the order of the pages
    -> click on 'select pages, rearrange pages or split the file', which is symbolized by a scissor & is towards the right side of the uploaded file
    -> In the box which pops up after clicking on the scissor symbol, put in the sequence in which you want to arrange the pages saved in the PDF file
    -> upload the file by clicking on convert tab
    -> the online tool rearranges the pages according to your preference
    -> download the file & save it.
    -> Done.

    E.g. You are scanning 50 pages and after scanning you realize that you missed out the scanning of page #28. You scan the page no 28 and save it as page no 50 along with other pages in a PDF. Upload the file in the above mentioned online tool. In the pop-up window for rearranging the sequence, you can put in something like this - 1-27, 50, 28-49. So, the page #28 which you had missed out while scanning & which you had saved as page #50 in the original PDF is now placed at #28 in the sequence. The numbering of the pages will automatically be adjusted by the online tool.

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  • For this query to be solved please mention the software that your using for scanning documents. Definitely we can correct the sequence of page suppose if it is missed out. For that we should know the software that is used for scanning.
    For Eg:- If it is HP scanner then after you complete your scanning documents it will display the scanned copies in one screen and that moment you can just drag the missed page to its sequence and correct and later save all the pages in a folder. This is my experience using HP scanner.
    So it would be more clear if the software and version is mentioned, because the commands and methods change by model and version wise.

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