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    Admission with MITAOE

    Looking for admission in Computer Engineering. What could be the optimum budget for this course and which institutes provide Computer Engineering courses in a moderate budget?

    I am from Pune and looking to get admission in Computer Engineering stream. I have searched many institutes online, picket only two. MITAOE is in my budget and another is slightly costly. Please research and help me to provide information about MITAOE.
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  • MIT Academy of Engineering is certainly one of the best institution located at Alandi - 20 km away from Pune and is, of course, recognized as one of the best institutions. However, its cut - off points with respect to admission in any of the streams is high and there would be a case of ambiguity with respect to admission.
    In case, you are sincerely interested to go ahead with the Computer - stream, try for the best- IITs'. Though initially it may appear difficult for you but with the right guidance with some prominent Institute followed by your dedication, the same may be cracked through. Such achievement can change your career prospects beyond your imagination. However, the tuition - fee of the course has been hiked to an unmanageable level for the aspirants belonging to middle class but the same can be managed with loan - facility offered by the leading banks and the same can be repaid back after your engagement in a Multinational company.

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