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    Why Red Rose appears to be black when seen in moonlight?

    Wondering why red rose appears black in mooonlight? On this Ask Expert page you will get response to your queries.

    When we see Red Rose in direct Sunlight it appears to be bright red. But the same rose when we observe it only in moonlight appears to be black. If we try to read a newspaper under moonlight we may observe the text on the page but we cannot read it. Moonlight is actually the reflection of Sunlight from the moon. But why we are not able to see red rose as red in color in moonlight? What scientific explanation we can give for it?
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  • There are some of the variations of the red color for rose. One remains red be it dark or sunlight. Another variation of the rose where the rose appears like velvet red that appears red during the dark. Be it moonlight or not, such velvet red colored roses end up being glittery and showing their color fading towards black. When you pluck them and keep them without water, they start to turn black eventually.

    So the reason is light reflecting on the surface of the rose. That's what creates the dark red black effect for the person to see.

  • I think the author is testing our school science. This colouring difference depends on the visible spectrum and different wave lengths. All colours have different wavelengths.
    As per the simple logic when we mix Red, Green, Blue, i,e RGB we get white colour. Similar way when the white light means moon light falls on the red object or red rose it accepts all the colours other than the red colour. It emits the red colour that's why the rose or any red object brought to white light or moon light appears black.

  • People think that the red rose is red because when white light falls over the rose it absorbs all other colors other than red and emits red light (visible light in the red frequency region) . When blue light falls over the rose it absorbs the blue light but there is nothing to emit so it appears black. Hence, in moonlight, red rose appears to be black.

  • White colour is a combination of 7 colors. They are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red(VIBGYOR). Red colour looks red because it absorbs all colors except red and emits it. So, we identify that rose color is red. When all colors are absorbed and any color doesnot emit, it appears as black.

  • You just need to have the basic knowledge of color mixing to know this phenomenon. Do you know artists mix a combination of various basic colors in order to obtain color of required choice. The same concept happens here where the rose seems to be of different color in different lighting conditions.
    During daytime the rose appears to be red because of white light reflecting from its surface thus we may be able to see the actual color of rose. When it comes to moonlight, light of different intensity and wavelength strikes the rose surface and hence the rose appears to be of different color.
    You can try an interesting experiment of checking the affect on the color of rose in different light conditions. Just take the rose pot inside a room and view it in different color lights and check how it appears.

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