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    Why RAM cannot be upgraded in mobile Smartphones?

    Are you using a smartphone? Wondering why RAM cannot be upgraded? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    We all know in our PC's we can upgrade RAM in terms of GB's to certain extent and thereby we can improve the working capacity of our PC's. But at present Smart phones are used in place of PC's, Tablets or Laptop's. So they are in need of more RAM. But usually Smartphones come with a specific RAM and I have not heard any company produced a mobile with upgrading facility till now. You can upgrade ROM by using SD card but not RAM. Why this facility is not there for Smartphone while PC's have this facility. In future is there any such possibility for up gradation of technology for Smartphones?
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    As of now there is no way to increase these specifications internally. You can increase the battery capacity externally though using cases that have additional inbuilt battery and plug into the Ian port of the phone. An example is mophie cases for iphone etc.

    However in the near future this is very much possible. Try googling project ara. It's an initiative by Google to develop a smartphone that has the ability to have its components swapped.

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    Smartphone circuits come built in with the processor and the RAM installed on them. So during the assembly these two components get embedded. This way any tampering with the brand becomes impossible. So almost every company uses this method to avoid the parts to be removable from the device. It also helps keep the company in business in case if there any maintenance of the component. There is currently no way of removing RAM and embedded processors.

    Google and Motorola had the initiative for the removable battery, processor and screen parts. However that project was scraped considering the loss from the hardware manufacturers.

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    We should imagine and expect every imposible will be posible in near future in IT field. So sure we are expecting, Upgradation of RAM will be possible in also smartphone, but presently no one smart phone or tablet is coming with detachable or Upgradation of RAM. Now these days smartphone manufacturer making RAM inbuilt with Processor which cannot be removed and cannot be upgraded. But day by day smartphone users are seeking a high capacity of RAM. So in near future it will be possible, and user will be able to upgrade RAM in their smartphone.
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    First of all it is impossible to make any changes to hardware of any gadget. It is next to impossible to increase the RAM of any device internally. Only software upgrades can be made to a device. RAM is nothing but a logical circuit designed to store data and manipulating the RAM is next to impossible though you can increase the speed of RAM by releasing the cache memory.

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