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    What special nutrients should be added in the post-partum diet?

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    The post-partum diet is supposed to be special compared to the normal diet. Special ingredients and constituents are added to supplement the nutrients in the post-partum diet. What are the reasons behind the same and what special nutrients should be added in the post-partum diet?
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  • Post-partum diet means diet after delivery. After delivery there is many minerals, and nutrients deficiency. For the recovery and disappearance of many unwanted changes from body it is essential to have proper diet, exercise and rest. Mothers should be given, milk,soup,dry fruits and a special sweet called sandha/ goondh in north India. Sandha is prepared by bura (sugar powder), desi ghee, makhana, almond, kaju, kani, ajwain. It gives energy, strength and all the nutrients required foe recovery.

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  • Post - partum diet i.e, diet after delivery should be nutritious enough in order to have enough nutrients to mothers and at the same time, mothers have to take care of their babies by giving suck to the babies. In that way, they need additional nutrients to support the babies.
    Nutrients are especially essential to offer the baby the best milk in terms of quantity and quality. Mothers, too, require body - nourishment after the delivery.
    The following tips should be helpful to mothers in order to have enough nutrition.
    1) Intake of Proteins would be essential for the fresh tissue - generation. Inclusion of one boiled -egg each time during lunch and dinner is recommended and also lean meat, fish and chickens should be included to compensate the Proteins - loss.
    2) Supplementation of Calcium and other vitamins- Milk is considered as a balance food containing Calcium, Phosphorous, Folic - acid and other useful nutrients and hence 200 ml of milk three times daily should be taken. Alternatively plane Curd is also beneficial.
    3) Iron - intake is also important in order to maintain healthy Hemoglobin - content in the blood. Spinach - soup, Carrots ,Beans and Raisins should be consumed in a reasonable amount.
    4) Vitamin -C plays an important role in the absorption of iron and as such mothers should be given enough Grape - fruits, Oranges, Citrus - fruits such as Lemon - juices regularly.
    5) Healthy fat such as Cow- ghee and fruit nuts such as Almond, Walnuts and Cashews should also be given in minute quantities.
    Apart from the tips as indicated above, abundant water intake has to be stepped up to flush out toxins from the system. Some times, Vitamin A supplementation would be necessary and should be taken as per advice of the Doctor. Alternatively, you may take up Apples, Papaya, Bananas, Carrot etc.

  • Post-partum diet is a super energetic diet taken by the Mother after the delivery of the new baby.As the Mother needs to be hale hearty and healthy and has to take good care of her new born she has to re-evaluate her diet chart. The three guidelines would help her to nurture herself and the baby.
    The Breastfeeding Mother's Diet
    Food Serving Amount
    Vitamins,Minerals,Fats and Carbohydrates.

    The Breastfeeding Mother Needs to take 500 calories more than others.

    Food Serving Amount
    Breakfast-Three stuffed parantha,curd and fruits.Avoid pickles as it lingers healings.

    1 piece of fish,1 egg,1katori of pulse,1 katori vegetable,,4 multigrained chapattis (if breastfeeding or else 2 is
    fine),1 katori rice.These are for Lunch and Dinner.

    Proteins,Vitamins,Minerals etc
    Milk Products -Everyday 2 glasses of milk,1 katori curd,50 gms paneer

    Vitamin C -orange vegetable juice,strawberry etc
    Vitamin A-carrot,apricots,spinach,yams etc
    Iron-It assists in forming new blood cells.15 mg of iron is recommended as it will help the Mother to feel energetic, happy and healing will be faster.

    Protein-Lentils, Chicken,Dry beans.

    Motherhood is the great experience of Life.Even if you gain those extra pound go with your bundle of happiness as this extra weight would help you in fighting out the stress,sleepless nights and sweet wailing of your child..This Post -partum diet is to kill certain germs and heal you faster and bring a Great Bonding with your Baby as the Baby will remain ailment free with your breast feeding..SO STAY FAT AND FIT AND NURTURE YOUR ANGEL IN YOUR FAIRYLAND.

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