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    What is hormone therapy and what kind of diseases can be treated by such therapy?

    Having a query about hormone therapy? Looking out names of diseases which can be treated with this therapy? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    What is hormone therapy and what kind of diseases can be treated by such therapy? Is it possible to achieve growth in height through hormone therapy? Also, is hormone therapy used for chemical castration of sex offenders in certain countries? What are the main procedures involved in the hormone therapy?
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    Hormones are the natural outcomes segregated by our glands present in our the body - system. This network is known as Endocrene - system. With regard to treatment of Cancer, some medicines are administered to block the effects Hormones known as Hormone- therapy. Doctors use the Hormone - therapy for the patients having Hormone- sensitivities such as Breast - cancer, Prostate - cancer, Ovarian - cancer, Womb - cancer and Kidney - cancer etc.
    Relating to your question in respect of growth, hormone - therapy can be employed but this should be done under the strict supervision of the specialist keeping in view of the side - effects associated with it.
    There are a few tips how the Hormone - therapy is employed in the manifestation of different diseases-
    1) Breast - cancer- Tamoxifen, LH blockers, Aromatase- inhibitors are used depending upon the severity of the cases. Such treatments have yielded positive result.
    2) Prostate - cancer - The main aim is to arrest / stop the growth of the cancerous cells. There are different types of therapies such as LH blockers, Antiandrogens etc in order to handle the disease and we have achieved satisfactory results with such therapies.
    3) Kidney - cancer- Kidney cancer can be treated with a tablet known as Provera but now the Specialists use the Biological - therapies for its better effectivity.
    All such treatments should be done under the supervision of the specialists so that the side - effects can be prevented.

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    Our body releases some hormones at specific age, psychological trigger and depending on the body reaction to it. And this process happens naturally. However in some cases this process may not happen or some people want to make it happen through inorganic means like injecting with chemicals that induces such process. And there are various legal and illegal reasons for hormone therapy.

    1. Hormone therapy for reducing acne. This is done for the people who are having acne even after crossing the age of 40 onwards.
    2. People who are suffering from warts and moles on their body, often undergo the hormone therapy.
    3. Anyone having breast cancer issue may go through the therapy as well.
    4. Cancer of various types require hormone therapy before going for chemo therapy.

    There are some not so common but expensive hormone therapy being done as well. For example, some people want to gain weight and look beautiful so they undergo hormone therapy to increase size of breasts, hips and overall weight. Some people also go through hormone therapy to reduce the ageing of the skin. It all depends on one wishes to use the hormone therapy for their body.

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