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    Having problem in getting a good job in IT field.

    Searching for a job oriented IT course? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have completed CS engineering in 2014. In may 2016 I have done software testing course but still have not got any job. Can you suggest me any other job scope courses related to IT field so that I can get a good job? Because of 2014th pass-out I unable to get any job offers and due to some problem I started finding job in 2016. What should I do?
    Awaiting response.
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  • First I would like to tell you that you should not search only for a good job at this time and even at this condition.

    As you are fresher and even you were passed two year before so campus selection would not be possible for you and big companies would not prefers fresher without campus selection.

    So you should forget about big companies for atleast 1 year.

    First go for small company and start your career as you will learn from the company then you can crack more interviews for a better company.

    And still if you want to got for a big company then use some tests like elitmus test and also look for some companies who have campus drives for two years back passout.

    Please note that you should have a solid reason to answer a question of interviewer that where were you from past two years and why fidnt you tried earlier and trying now.

    If you are very knowledgeable person then try to learn the angular.js which is in demand now a days, do make a sample project on it and learn it and then have it in your resume , then go for interview.

    Lakhan Paryani
    Sr. Software Engineer (.NET Technologies)

  • There are two options in front of you right now which are time bound the most suitable options. 1. Get any job that starts your income. 2. Freelancing. Second option can be done even after you get the job. I suggested freelancing because this keeps your networking and connections open. And that is one thing that always needs when it comes to business or jobs. New connections may bring new business or job opportunity. Slowly this does build up. You should definitely push towards getting the first break with any job that you can get. The more idle you remain without money, harder it is for you to work towards either business or job.

    You can always try to get jobs in tech support, BPO, KPO and other back office openings. There are many options in the back office that does help you get the first break. I know it is not going to be easy but I suggest working on them on everyday basis. This way you can build your confidence and also the resume with each job that you're doing. Make sure you prepare yourself for as many interviews as possible.

  • With the informations furnished by you, I would say that grab a job even if it is not connected to your profession such as a teacher in a secondary/ higher secondary school where you can teach either Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. It should not much time to locate such schools within your locality where you can render your service after the consultation of the related authorities. The other areas are BPO, Hotel - receptionist, LIC agent etc.
    May be such jobs may not suit to you since these were not of choices while taking up the course of Computer - engineering but flexibility keeping in view of present situation is desirable. In case, you get a job of a school teacher requiring to teach Mathematics and you happen to develop interest in that line, you would get plenty offers of tutions thus making substantial amount of money within a very short interval. Popularity in that area is another important factor to sustain such activity.
    In BPO related jobs, you should have reasonable flow of English - language, while speaking the same and the writing skill should also be impressive. It would not be difficult for you to achieve BPO job with a little effort.
    LIC agent job demands your patience, meeting people in their residence and your ability to convince them. In the initial months, the commission may not be lucrative but your income may multiply soon with your consistent labour.
    Lastly, you may try a job in a computer - institute such as NIIT, APTECH etc to teach aspirants in this area and such engagement may be of your liking since you were attached to such background.
    I hope you would consider each assignment prior to your engagement in such activities.

  • I would like go provide a deferring advice.
    1. Since you have already done software testing course, the next best thing to do is to study and give ISTQB (software testing and quality) international certification.
    2. Once you have got this certification, you can upload your CV on various job portals.
    3. Recruiters from companies and placement agencies will start getting back to you for software testing or quality profiles.
    4. If you like training, prepare a course on software testing and quality, and add this in your CV. IT companies/ Training agencies may check out your CV on job portal and revert. Prepare well for training profile interview. You need to have some teaching skills, clarity in presentation, good communication skills.
    5. Monitor announcements of off campus placements and Walk in Interviews from IT companies for the testing and quality profiles on the web. Prepare and apply for the interview.

    Autograph your work with excellence!

  • As per your degree there is wide opening for you in IT field. Don't be depressed that you didn't get job because you have recently started searching. I think its better to you post your resume in many job offering sites like monster, times jobs, etc, there are many you will find them in net surfing.
    One thing remember that you won't get job just by your degree, you need some preparation before giving an interview. When you attend an interview you should be more confident about you and answer the tricky question very intelligently. As per my experience getting a good job always depends on how you speak and attend the interviewer. Degree is the gate of that particular post, but to get that you have to prove your way. Those things will not be thought any where.

  • This problem is being faced by many job aspirants now a days.
    My suggestion is don't wait for opportunity to come, start searching jobs in Electronic city Bangluru and Hi-Tech Hyderabad where you can approach for job. Software companies have openings for candidates throughout the year.

    For more details see my reply on "Selecting better course after graduation". Or click on

    "Learning is a continuous process"

  • Software Testing Engineer is a demanding job.
    Average salary of a Software Testing Engineer is Rs 3,00,000 /PA.
    Did you have LinkedIn account ? If not do it and try to find a job thru them. Register with all IT parks of India.
    Companies currently in requirement of Software Testing Engineers are :-
    1.Skymount Inc
    2.Revive Technologies
    3.SE - Mentorsolutions Pvt Ltd
    4.Out of the box publishing
    5.AAOL Infortech Private Ltd
    6.T&VS practise Leader and many.
    Note: Do not take break in your carrier, keep on working coze the next interviewer will ask you , what you were doing last ? Moreover you will be in touch with the industry

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