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    About NOC for other government jobs

    Are you planning to change your government job? Looking out for how to get NOC? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am an employee of Indian Railways for 10 months. If I apply for any other central or state govt jobs better than this job, is it compulsory to get NOC?
    Somebody said that it is not possible to get NOC before two years. Now how can I apply for other jobs? Every job is linked with Aadhar, so should mention that I am already employed in any application? Can you explain about how can I apply for other jobs?
    Experts: do assist.
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    First you inquire from your HR department whether you can apply for govt. jobs. I think you can apply.You should apply for any govt. job through proper channel. You write an application for"Permission to apply govt. job" with supporting documents (advertisement high light the important things). Once you get the permission, you can take NOC before Interview. the total process of examination takes 1-2 years time.
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    It depends on job requirement . When job notifications comes it's written over there that if person is in government job "noc" is required. So while applying check out the conditions if it's mentioned then talk with your senior and HR department. For getting noc you have to fill a application and one need to show noc during final interview so you will have enough time after filling form as after notification it takes 2 months Atleast for written exam , some exams have two round of written exams. And if it's not mentioned in notification that noc is required then no need to but for safer side it's better to get noc. Go through notification throughly.

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    I have been dealing with such cases in my official capacity. Moreover, I also changed Govt. jobs during my youth (from Railways to other Central Govt. jobs to finally Central Secretariat). In every case, I applied through proper channel with NOC. In most of the cases, I sent advanced copy while applying. Later my office forwarded the application or NOC. This helped to me include my past service for the purpose of pensionary benefits.

    A candidate must give it in writing to his/her parent office that he/she is applying for a new Govt. job with copy of advertisement. He/She must also request for NOC. He/She must keep the copy of advertisement with him/her along with the receipt as proof. In this way, even if he does not get NOC, in case of selection in a new post, there will be no problem in relieving and inclusion of past service.

    Another point is required to be remembered in this regard. If the person has to sign a bond in case of paid training (as for example, in case of Trainee ASMs or Trainee Traffic Inspectors in Railways), the bond gets transferred to the new Department in case of selection.

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    For the jobs of the governments it is important to the no objection certificate must be attach along all the documents. I am not just saying actually I have practically submitted this on best assignment writing services uk company that need the NOC from the government.

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