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    How to lock a folder in a laptop so that no one can see what is inside?

    Wondering how to lock a folder on a laptop? On this Ask Expert page you will find responses to your query.

    If many people are able to see what is inside your laptop or PC then you don't want to keep everything open and want to lock or hide the folder. Thus content is visible to only me,
    especially from kids who peek in every folder of your PC if they somehow get a chance to operate PC.
    What should be done for this?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • If You Want to hide some content in Laptop / PC first of all download the content locker from third party websites and hide your content inside the locker

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  • You can do it in two ways without any softwares. One is restricting the permissions by accessing the properties of the file you wanted to restrict. The user will see a message 'access denied' while clicking on the folder or file. To access the file again the user have to revert the changes made. Second is hiding the file. There are two types of hidding. One is normal hide selected from the properties of file, which can be easily viewed by selecting show hidden files on the view tab of the folder options of tools on any windows explorer window. The other hidding is system hidding. To view such files one has to uncheck hide system hidden folders. On the above menu. To make a file as system hide type: attrib -H -S path of file on the cmd window. Eg: attrib -H -S D:/picture/flower.jpg to unhide replace - with +. Make sure no spaces in the file path. To hide whole folder type \*.* at the end of the folder name.

  • Apart from bitlocker there is no encryption method that windows offers. You can use third party software to lock the folder. Some of the folder lock apps are as follows -

    1. Folder Lock
    2. Lock and Hide Folder
    3. File and Folder lock tools
    4. LocK-A-FoLdeR
    5. Folder Guard
    6. Folder Protector

    These are some of the tools that you can find that may work for you to lock the folder with some paassword. And it works on almost every version of windows.

  • Good query raised, now a days everybody is facing that problem. According to me children below 6 yeras should not be allowed to use pc or laptop, because they will not be knowing to shut down the system properly and that may have crash in harddisk and lot of data may be lost. But as per your query if you want to lock a single folder then you can either hide that folder by right clicking on that folder and select properties then in that window select hide or hidden option. By this way you can hide that folder.
    Other option is that you can use folder guard software to lock your folder by password. This software is free available in net. You can install it and use for the folder's you wish to lock.
    The last option is that you can give password for your system before it boots..
    I hope these solutions may help you.

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    This can be accomplished by going into the relevant menu (right-click anyplace inside the envelope - > New - > Content Report). The following stage is to change the PASSWORD_GOES_HERE content to whatever you'd like your secret word to be. Try not to utilize a simple to-figure secret word.
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  • Bit locker can help you encrypt the whole drive or partition except the C or drive that contains the OS.

    Alternatively, you can try the following codes attributes.

    1. Open CMD> Type the following lines of codes> attrib +s +h "C:\Users\John Theo\Desktop\ISC Articles"

    2. To unhide type the following codes>
    attrib -s -h "C:\Users\John Theo\Desktop\ISC Articles"

    Open CMD and typ the following codes where plus sign is to hide and minus sign is to unhide.

    You can also use Folder Options to hide certain files with extensions.

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    If you want to encrypt a file or folder, this can be done by following these steps:

    Select the file or folder you want to encrypt.
    Right-click the file or folder and select Properties.
    On the General tab, click the Advanced button.
    Check the box for the "Encrypt contents to secure data" option.
    Click Apply and then OK.

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