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    Need help : Suggestion for Phd admission

    Looking out for admission to PhD after M.Tech Computer engineering? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have done in Computer Science and Engg. After that I have 2 years of experience in IT industry. Now I want to change from IT profession to teaching. So I want to do Phd. I have a lot of confusion in terms of universities - state universities or deemed universities or private universities. Suggestions from people I know are , mixed responses. I heard discrimination between professors based on from where they have done Phd and also pay scales are different. I don't want fall as a prey for such consequences as I am choosing profession in teaching for a long time.
    I need Expert advice about which kind of universities I should get enrol and pursue, so that I will not face such problems in my later career.
    I am just an average person please don't suggest NET/GATE -IITs/NITs/IISC/IIIT, etc.
    I expect to answer this question by some Doctorate Holder who is in to College/University. Others please excuse.
    Experts: do respond.
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  • Based on my three decades of teaching experience, in engineering colleges and IT Industry, PhD in the area of computers and guiding doctoral scholars:

    PhD is necessary for taking up a teaching position. If you take admission to PhD now, then you will be joining a college after 3-5 years, as and when you complete your doctorate. If you are well off financially and no family responses , then it is okay. Else you may need to rethink on this decision.
    If you have financial constraints, then it would be better to join a college and start teaching. Within a year you can apply for PhD.

    Now coming to the burning question which you have posed:
    PhD from state universities or deemed universities or private universities?
    Discrimination and different pay scales are offered depending on the management decision. This is because many teachers take the remuneration which is offered by the college. In many colleges, the faculty is told to sign on a particular amount while a much lower amount is paid to them. Discrimination also comes in based on the teacher's capability.
    You can check the list of UGC approved universities who are permitted to run the PhD program from the UGC website. The list includes all universities across the country.
    Also PhD admissions are not easy and the duration is not fixed, it can start from a minimum of three years to may be even eight to ten years. Survey the Universities in your area, prefer state followed by private and deemed universities.
    Checkout the following: University website, the admission procedure (GATE score university level entrance exam, interview), admission dates, research areas offered, information about guides and their research area, faculty research publications.
    PhD admissions are not easy. The candidate is expected to do some research or extend the Master's work prior to the interview and atleast should be clear about the area.
    If you have selected a particular university check out the guides and meet the one whose research area are aligned with yours.
    Hope this answers your question.

    Autograph your work with excellence!

  • Your decision to persue Ph.D after M.Tech is a welcome step but certainly to accomplish the same is not easy task since you need to devote to four years to your Reasearch and financial constraints may be felt for the perusal of the Ph.D programme. Of course, you may enjoy such financial grants in IIT, NIT, IISC etc.
    Apart from huge consumption of time as stated above, time may stretch beyond that and sometimes it may be as high as seven to eight years and hence this point should be considered well in advance. If you are not well of financially, you should take up the Lecturership first so that you may save some amount of money subsequently to be utilised in your Ph.D programme.
    To carry out from Ph.D from a prominent institution such a NIT, IIT, IISC would offer you better package on joining an Engineering college than the rest aspirants doing Ph.D from other UGC recognised universities.
    However, I would suggest you a few facts in this connection prior to taking up Ph.D.
    1) You must choose the topic for which you have great passion.
    2) Your guide should encourage you in a way that you get mental stimulation in sustaining your Research - Work.
    3) A good library containing vast volumes of books of your research - area will facilitate your work.
    4) The laboratory must be well equipped to carry out your research - work.
    5) The environment must be conducive so as to concentrate on your thesis.
    Check out the UGC list so that you may choose the right plateform to sustain your Ph.D programme.

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