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    Seeking help about installation problem

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    I have encountered a problem regarding my pc. I just recently had an infinite boot loop in win 10, and I decided to reset my hard drive for this case,which I did with cmd. Now my PC has no OS of course, but the problem is whenever I am booting from a USB the setup of win 8.1 the setup does not start. There is one way I found to start it,that is in my BIOS. I changed ATA/IDE Configuration to compatible from enhanced due to which the hard disk is not detected,and thus I can't choose a path to install OS. So the conclusion is that if I allow hard disk to be detected, setup doesn't start and if disallow hard drive the setup starts but of no use.
    My mobo-asus p5g41t-m lx3
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  • It seems you don't have a dvd drive in your PC. The best possible way I used to reinstall any OS, was simply inserting the boot able disk to my dvd drive . Then restart the PC. Press del or F2 whatever is prompted at start screen to enter into bios setup. Change the boot Sequence Priority . Give first priority to cd/dvd drive, save the changed setting and exit. Then alow the pc to restart. Now it will boot from dvd drive inserted. Now it may ask, press any key to boot from CD. That's it.

    Till now I m using this method to change any OS. Hope it may help you. If you don't have dvd drive in your PC, Try to plug in any external dvd drive to your pc and try this simple and fundamental rules I just wrote above.

    One more check if you are trying to boot from pen drive make sure the OS file is boot able.

    Hope it will help you.

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