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    How Toll Free number works without paying any service charges by the customer?

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    Usually when we call a number a landline or mobile phone for using it services we have to pay for the call. But many of the big Government or private organizations give a Toll free number through which we can contact the organization without paying anything even though we use the phone service to talk with them. The question is how this Toll Free number works? Who has to pay for the service charges used by the customers on behalf of the organization? Why the Toll Free number is somewhat different from the other phone numbers?
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  • Toll free numbers are given to the organization to bear the charges of the incoming call to them. Usually during the call, the one who makes to another party pays the bills. In case of the toll free number, such numbers are given to the organization that are catering to customers, patients and non profit cause. So in such scenarios, it increases the credibility and also helps customers to get the help for their issues.

    In India, the number 1800 is reserved for the toll-free calling line. And both mobile and landline callers can use the service. Usually some of the organizations only keep the landline users on the free line. By default however the numbers to the 1800 toll free numbers are free to call.

    In case of 1860 numbers, those are priced based on the called parties charges. So though they may appear free but they are not free as they are subscribed numbers. They incur charges less compared to the traditional call.

  • Toll-free numbers are allotted to various organizations by BSNL/MTNL.

    1800 numbers are toll-free numbers in India.

    However, the 1860 numbers are not toll-free numbers. Use of these numbers does incur expenditure for the caller, but the rate is much reduced.

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  • The toll free numbers are basically a form of call forwarding services. Though the calling party does not pay for the call, the called party is charged for those calls. They were introduced to the let the people in emergency to contact the government organisations, NGOs and such other companies to address customer queries.

    India has 1800 series for those numbers.

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  • Toll free numbers have been allotted to various commercial firms, different super specialty hospitals and NGO organisations by MNTL and BSNL.
    The main purpose behind the allotment of toll - free number is to promote the Business of the some of established firms by attracting the prospective customers in order to book the products as advertised by them.It is offered to the customers, ion free but the actual cost incurred by the serviced is realized from the promoter of the companies.
    1800 number is the toll free number in India.

  • Actually given toll free No. Is free of cost for caller but the every call is chargeable for whom, who is providing toll free No facility. The company, organizations, NGOs have to pay for each and every call which are received. Some organizations provide toll free No for helping and guiding about their own issue but some are providing for helping caller for their personal issue. Some toll free No. are three digits like 100, 102, 108 etc. Some toll free No. are four digit also.

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  • Toll free numbers are provided by various business organization, Government agency to grab maximum number of customer. Since toll free numbers are totally free and customer can call any time to call center or government organization without paying any amount. Now a days toll free numbers are becoming very popular. Every customer wants toll free number. Toll free numbers are free on part of customer only. The subscriber of the toll free number has to pay for every call. Toll free numbers are issued to subscriber on first come first serve basis. Government organization are also giving toll free numbers to their citizen so that maximum population can reach to government organization and avail the benefit of Government Scheme.

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