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    How can I get admission to BTech BioTech with PCB?

    Wondering how to get admission into BTech BioTech? Find answers to your queries on this page.

    I am studying class 12 with PCB. I want to pursue a career of BTech BioTech. So can I do it without Maths and if yes is there any entrance exam to get into IIT or VIT BTech BioTech b?
    Which branch is better:BSc BioTech or BTech BioTech?
    After graduation I will pursue post graduation also.
    How much starting package can I get?
    Can you inform me about some top colleges for Btech and Bsc BioTech without Maths. Will be there any problem in BTech BioTech?
    Awaiting response.
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  • To answer your first question - No you can not enter the course of B.Tech Biotech without maths in your +2. B.Tech is an engineering course and therefore any entrance exam will require you to have maths. First you need to clear the exam, only then do you get the option of choosing biotech. IIT, VIT or for that matter any of the engineering institutes in India would require maths for joining B.Tech Biotech course.

    2. You can join B.Sc Biotech course in almost all colleges of the country with your current subjects.

    3. Is B.Sc better or B.Tech? That is subjective depending on your interests and where you plan to do your course from. Majority of students who pursue B.Tech biotech get placed in IT companies and do jobs that are not in the least related to their field. In case your aim is to enter research in the field of biotechnology, then further studies are necessary.

    4. If you have decided that you want to pursue post graduation then you have 4 options -
    a) B.Sc (3y) + M.Sc (2y) + PhD (3-7y*)
    b) B.Tech (4y) + M.Tech (2y) + PhD (3-7y*)
    c) B.Tech (4y) + PhD(3-7y*) (very rarely only brilliant students are allowed this option)
    d) B.Sc (3y) + M.Sc(2y) + M.Tech(2y) + PhD*
    You can stop at any phase during any of these options.
    * There is no limit to the time period taken to complete a PhD. It all depends on how nice your PhD guide is in the end.

    5. What kind of field within biotech are you interested in? Does bioengineering intrigue you? Designing biomaterials etc? In that case you will learn more and get more opportunities in a B.Tech course. Else do you like molecular biology? Genetic engineering? cell biology? This field is usually covered in the B.Sc/M.Sc courses.

    6. Starting package? That depends purely on what field you decide to enter. If you enter research or get a Ph.D position and manage to secure a fellowship after M.Sc then you can expect INR 25,000 for the first 2 years following which it increases to INR28,000 for the next 3 years of Ph.D (after 5 years into Ph.D you stop receiving fellowship)
    If you want to get into the private sector, then payscales vary from company to company but they are definitely not more than what a researcher gets. If you decide to go out of the country for further studies, then you can manage to get scholarships and fellowships that are comparatively much higher.

    Some of the good colleges for B.Tech include IITs, VIT, Thappar, SASTRA, NIT etc.
    Good colleges for B.Sc Biotech include Fergusson College, Pune University, BVP Pune, various colleges in Mumbai university amongst others.


  • In order to persue your B.Tech in Biotech, you have to appear for a competitive test including Mathematics and your selection will depend upon the clearance of this test covering all the papers of the test.With respect to your query regarding the appearance in IIT and VIT entrance tests, Mathematics cannot be ignored.
    B.Sc Biotechnology course is conducted in almost in all the universities in India.
    We cannot make any comparasion which stream is better B.Sc ( Biotechnology) or B.Tech in Biotechnology however, by completing the later course, you can get a job in an IT firm but in the former case, you need to complete M.Sc in Biotechnology and further doctorate is required in order to persue Reasearch - work in a Pharmectual - company and similarly for securing a job in a constituent college, you have to procure a Ph.D degree for a stable career.
    There is no age - limit in completion of Ph.D degree.
    In Ph.D programme after M.Sc in Biotechnology, you are entitled to get fellowship to the extent of Re 25000/- for the first two years and upon your satisfactory performance in the Reasearch, the fellowship is raised to three thousand additionally and later after procuring Ph.D degree, you may join Alembic, Glaxo etc with an attractive emoluments.
    For B.Tech in Biotechnology, you may choose IIT, NIT, VIT etc.
    For B.Sc in Biotechnology you may persue from any constituents colleges and other colleges of Kolkata and Mumbai university.

  • If your combination is only PCB without maths in 10+ you can go for any life-science course for B.Sc.(may be zoology, botany, biochemistry, biotechnology,microbiology,genetics) here chemistry or biochemistry and any biology related subject compulsory. Afterwards you can join M.Sc. Biotechnology. For Biotechnology B.Sc. or M.Sc. you need basic maths which you studied till 10 standard. B-tech and B.Sc. Biotechnology have lots of different. For admission B.Sc Biotechnology u can contact me.

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