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    Why isn't tourism industry growing in North-East?

    Wondering why tourism is not booming in the North East? Check out answers from experts on this page.

    India has a vibrant culture. The climatic conditions are vastly different in different regions. The historical monuments of the country vary, so do the festivals at different parts. Every part of India has something to offer for the tourists.

    Tourists are interested to visit Jammu & Kashmir, especially Kashmir valley, despite unrest. On the other hand, every North-Eastern state has to offer exquisite natural beauty, serenity, colourful people and interesting culture. The unrest in these states is almost nothing compared to unrest in Kashmir valley. From my personal experience, I can vouch safely that people of these states are extremely simple and friendly in nature.

    Despite all these positive factors, why aren't people interested to visit North-Eastern states of India, especially when the situation in Kashmir valley is so volatile? Why isn't tourism industry growing satisfactorily in North-East?

    Awaiting response.
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  • There are so many reasons that Tourists are not interested in the North East part of India. One of them is transport. Most of north east states are not connected through road or by train. It is hassle to reach in north east states. The second is, most of us don't even know about all north east states like we know about Bhutan but we are not aware of Nagaland. And as in Kashmir there is terrorism is there. North east also not very safe . I have heard from my relatives who are in Assam that naxalites are a main issue over there. We tends to plan our holidays on places which we see on television so if some tourism advertisements comes on TV people will be more aware of that places and they will plan to visit north east. But till now I never saw any advertisement related to tourism for north east states.

  • North-Eastern state has to offer exquisite natural beauty, serenity, colour ful people and interesting culture. Despite all these positive factors, why aren't people interested to visit North-Eastern states of India, The reasons are-
    1. It is far flung places and average distance is more than 3000 km from central India.
    2. mode of transports are not developed.
    3. Poor connectivity beyond Guwahati. concern
    5.lack of tourism infrastructure.
    6. People are not aware about the beautiful tourist destinations.
    7. lac of govt. initiative for the development of tourism infrastructure.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • Despite all the natural beauties, eye catching - scenes, the tourist lack interests to visit North - East region due to the following reasons-
    1) Tourits are afraid of terrorist's activities particularly from Kashmir - region.
    2) A slump in the growth in the Industrial - sector and job - insecurity in IT sector and E- commerce sectors have dampened the spirits of the employes and hence they lack interest in availing such facilities.
    3) Fearness that the tourists and their families may not get full protection in terms of safety.
    4) Road - transportation are not fully developed in Kashmir - region.
    5) Lack of initiatives from the side of the Government to promote tourism in these areas is the main hurdle.
    6) Growing unrests in these areas are to be normalised.

  • Tourism industry in last 3 years is at growth. Many people from IT and Banking have got more holidays and better paying job which has resulted in money being spent on the tourism. There are some of the issues for the tourism industry that may affect growth.

    1. Transportation.
    2. Accommodation.
    3. Less expensive basic services.
    4. Communication services. Internet and Phone like tier-2 cities or villages.

    These are common issues for almost every state. And it is taking some time for those things to settle down. It is not easy for tourism industry to have constant growth due to climate. Some of the people have issues with the climate changes. So north east being extreme weather condition place, you need to understand that it won't be that flourishing as other parts of the country.

  • Why isn't tourism industry growing in North-East?

    Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura etc. are considered as a part of North East India. It is not that tourism is not growing in North-East states in India but the growing ratio is less compare to other states across India.

    What are the reason for not growing tourism in those North East states?

    One of the main reason is lack of easy access to those adventure and beautiful places.
    The second reason is, lack of transportation in local and to/fro for those places from nearest well known cities.
    The third reason is, lack of standard of star level accommodation.
    The fourth one is, lack of continental food availability.
    The fifth one is, far remote, health checkup issue in case emergency arises, security issue and more.
    The sixth one is, telecommunication or connectivity issue still.
    The seventh one is, lack of tourism development despite potential tourism source exists around.

    If you reach other than these stated North-east states, you can either communicate in English or Hindi whereas here little difficulties.

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