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    Suggestions for treating blind right eye due to nerve damage in accident.

    Having a problem with eye nerve? Wondering if it can be treated with stem cell therapy? Look out for resolutions to your query on this page.

    I meet with an accident in 2007-08 at Nashik (Maharashtra). Since then my right eye's nerve is damaged and is blind. Now I came to know that stem cell therapy is available to relive the nerve of eyes by giving injection to dead nerve.
    Is it possible to treat the nerve? Where can I get this treatment?
    Awaiting advice.

    Please advice.

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  • Please try with Apollo Hospital, Reelab, Mumbai

  • As per I know stem cell therapies are the major headlines for curing the blindness of people. This treatment is a hope for the vision to get back. This treatment depends on the age related problem or any disease. This therapy focuses on repair and replace the damaged cells. As I have read this treatment is not safe because it is not proven by FDA [Food Drug and Administration.] These type of treatments are done in the United States and in India I think in Shankara netralaya, But before you go for this treatment please consult your eye surgeon and find out whether there is a possibility to get the vision back by stem cell treatment and then get this operation done.

  • * Trauma has resulted in damage of optic nerve of your right eye. Optic nerve itself carries millions of small nerve fibers. It is responsible for carrying images to brain where these images seen by eyes are interpreted. Either damage to nerve itself or else damage to its pathway can result in loss of vision.

    * Stem cell therapy is a regenerative procedure. In this procedure dead cells of cornea or optic nerve are replaced by new cells by injecting them with stem cells from healthy donor. Cell type as well as dosage and frequency of injection depends on patients condition.

    * Stem cell therapy can bring remarkable improvement in vision quality taking away blurred vision or total blindness.

    * Unistem Biosciences Gurgaon New Delhi consult them for stem cell therapy. This treatment is not well practiced thus not available in majority of the hospitals.

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