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    In which profile can I get a job?

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    I have completed BTech in IT in 2011 and in 2012 I joined a BPO. Till last year there was a voice profile. I don't want to join BPO sector and I don't think I would get a job in IT field. Could you suggest me in which profile can I make my career?
    Awaiting response.
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  • Your query it self is the answer now IT field is the fast growing for good career. Don't ever think that you wont get in IT field. I think most of the employees in IT field will not be from IT only. Always have confidence in you try to post your resume in most of the job seeking sites and get prepared for the interview. Always to achieve any job you require to answer the interview with full confidence. If your serious to make your career in IT field then get yourself prepared.

  • * You have completed B.Tech in IT and career options you have ahead of you are huge. You can chose to work under leading IT firms or else public sector firms. IT specialists are required under various sectors like arts, finance, drugs and pharmaceutical industry etc.....

    * You can create your profile in financial field if you are interested to work in banks.

    * You can opt to teach if you are passionate about it by applying to any government or private colleges.

    * If you are interested in conducting research related work then you can take such research and development related projects.

    * You can join army, navy or air force as technical staff and serve the country by opting defense services.

  • Looking at the job - market, you will get several opportunities where there are fair chances of your absorption and accordingly you may go ahead in that direction.
    1) Since you have graduated in IT field and as such a thorough brushing up your course is required so as to get through the interview - process. Confidence and patience would be required to crack the Interview.
    2) There is a vast scope for absorption in both Nationalized and Private Banks as Probationary officers provided you have an inclination for such jobs.
    3) If you are ambitious and want to make a career in IAS, you can sincerely prepare for it.
    4) If interested in teaching profession in an Engineering - college, you can apply for the same. Later you can clear GATE so that you can pursue your M.Tech degree which can open up avenues in both teaching - field or in the Research - line.
    5) There are many tutorial Institutes such as FIITJEE, Bansal - tutorials, Akash etc where you can get a job to teach any one of the subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and there you can teach the subject in which you have the greatest inclination.
    6) By clearing the state - level civil service, you can make your headway as BDO in the state - government.

  • IT field is having a fast career for youth generation. Don't think you cannot. Try it as much as you can. along with this you can give government jobs like:
    IBPS PO Recruitment
    IBPS Clerk Recruitment
    IBPS SO Recruitment: I think this exam is made for you. The candidates who are having graduation degree in IT field can apply for this post. This is one of the most amazing government job opportunity of becoming IT Officer in Bank. Start your ibps it officer preparation

    Many bank are participating in it like:
    Corporation Bank
    Bank of Baroda
    Bank of India
    Canara Bank
    Central Bank of India
    Corporation Bank
    Dena Bank
    IDBI Bank
    Syndicate bank
    This is small list many bank are still left.
    Hope for the best. have a confidence in you. Always think you can do it.
    Hope this will help you.

  • As you already have some back-office experience with BPO. Jumping to the front end side of business in IT won't take much time. you have to complete courses in data science or testing or development. And then you have to apply for the job positions. And this may take some time for you to adjust but it can be done.

    Make sure to also apply for the government based jobs if your age is applicable to that. I'd say you can try the bank PO and other bank officer jobs. It has the entrance examination that you may need to appear. So this is another open option to you.

    So in short here are some of your options.

    1. Web developer
    2. Content writer
    3. Data science
    4. Networking
    5. Programmer
    6. Digital media and Social media marketer
    7. Bank officer

    These are some of the jobs that you can try for if you wish to switch from the BPO position to something more stable and less hectic for your health.

  • Enhance your knowledge as well as experiences.
    You can do online courses from the following (India Government, a Project of IITS)
    4.HTML Dog
    6.How design University
    7.Standford Engineering Everywhere

  • First of all you should have specified your question slightly more. I mean you should have cited your interests, your current status etc. However, from whatever you have provided it's not clear whether you are interested in IT. In fact when some one is going to take an undergraduate course she/ he does not possess enough maturity at that stage, at least in the Indian education system.
    However, I'm going to suggest something:
    1. If you want to change to management rather than being a technocrat why not think about pursuing an MBA first?
    2. With your field as the background you may go for a course in DATA SCIENCE and MACHINE LEARNING or BIG DATA. Big opportunities will be coming up in these fields.
    I slightly deviated from the question that you asked but I believe these things might take your career to the heights you would have ever dreamt of.
    Also, you may try a job profile in the subjects given in the option 2 above.

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