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    Can I use Google Analytics to track my ISC traffic?

    Have a query about using Google Analytics for tracking any website traffic? Find responses from experts on this page.

    I want to use my Google Analytics account to track my ISC traffic. Is this possible to do so? I could not find any place in ISC where I could paste Google Analytics script that will track my ISC Account traffic regularly. If any expert has already did it, then please share your experience.
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  • ISC allows the users to use statcounter. And you can use this to track some of the traffic on your articles and answers. Do note that there is free plan from statcounter. And after specific traffic numbers you can get the paid plan of the statcounter. It may take some time but surely you get some time to track your traffic. ISC has no feature that allows you to use google analytics.

  • As said above, ISC have not given any option to associate your Google Analytic account code over here. You may associate them only for your blog, if any.

    But still you can track the ISC traffic for your account by using Statcounter. Yes, you can check the following link and follow the steps give over there. The link is,

    If you face any problem in Statcounter associating then let us know in this thread itself to assist you further.

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