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    How to utilise a break after 17 years of IT experience.

    Planning to take a break after more than a decade of IT experience? Searching for how to spend time effectively? Check out this page for response to your queries.

    I have been working with a software firm since 17 years. I am basically a core developer (C,c++, scripting) and have been in telecom projects from basic wireline to 4G/5G wireless.
    From past 2 years I am into project management work (no technical hands on). These days I have been thinking of taking a break from my current job as my presence at home seem to be a priority for kids education (one child in primary and other in high school).
    The plan is to take a break of about 7 years during which I would want to do something that will add on to my CV and also would fetch me some money (decent 20k+). I would be free between 9.30am in the morning to 3.00pm in the afternoon. Would want to utilise this time. I hold a MSc (computer science) degree and recently turned 40. Would need your advice on this. I have below plans in mind (nothing finalized).
    1. Do a degree
    - BEd or MPhil or any other ( need details on best universities providing correspondence course and fee structure etc)
    - professional certification (degree) which will add on to my CV (just know of PMP orany other suggestions would help)
    - short term course on something that interests me (interior design, fashion design) which would definitely fetch me a job.
    2. Do a job
    - work from home jobs where I get some quick money (suggestions guidance needed)
    The idea here is that after my break when I see back, I would need to be satisfied that the break was worth it.
    Awaiting career guidance.
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  • First you decide whether you want to continue in IT field only. Because work from home is totally different from your present work, you may not get IT field exactly. But there are some sites which you can register for free and start working from home. I will be giving you the links and you can just have a view on it or suppose if you like you can register.
    [if the link does not open pls select the link & copy & paste in ur browser address bar]

    these are the links which you can use to work from home.
    Actually ISC is the best place to share your IT experience and earn a handsome money.
    Your choice of doing a course is also fine but you can do it while your working at home.

  • If you want to pursue M.Phil or B.Ed then go for IGNOU which is no doubt best distance education university.

    Short term courses in Interior designing:-
    1) 3 months courses-
    - Home styling,
    - Furniture design,
    - Landscape design,
    - Vaastu residential and commercial

    2) 6 months courses-
    - Architectural heritage restoration,
    - Retail and exhibition design

    3) 1 year course-
    - Interior design

    Short term courses on fashion designing:-
    1) Fashion design,
    2) Textile design,
    3) Weaving,
    4) Computer aided textile design,
    5) Pattern making and garment construction

    If you are thinking from working from home then these are the best options to earn money:-
    1) Start a blog.
    2) Become a freelancer or content writer.
    3) You can give some private tuition i.e., can become a tutor in the subjects you own mastery.
    4) You can earn money by reviewing stuffs.
    5) Data entry jobs.
    6) Online travel agents.
    7) Calligraphy.
    8) Transcriptionist.
    9) Telemarketer.
    10) Take surveys.
    11) Become editor or proof reader.

  • Since you have indicated the time which would suit you to carry out your independent job and at the same time your earnining should be around Re 20,000/- per month, you can go ahead with the on - line - teaching either in Mathematics or Physics provided you have sufficient interest in teaching the students of class 12 interested to appear in the competitive Engineering - tests. However, a little effort would be required to brush up your own skill in that direction. The other option is to call the aspirants at your residence and start teaching in a group comprising six students in a group. The multi - group so formed would assist you to earn a very attractive amount between 9. 30 am and 3.00 am as stated by you.
    IGNOU would be the best option to sustain your studies either for M.Phil or for B.Ed. This is a recognised university and backed by the ministry HRD.

  • Let me be very honest with you on the career change move. Do note that currently banking, IT and the service sector is the only that pays a good money. Most of the other industries don't have very good financial opportunities. So doing the degree and moving to another industry that does not have much financial foundation may not be much of help.

    1. Project management certification and MBA or DBM sounds like a good plan. This will also open more relaxing positions for your age. You can also consider the post graduate degree that compliments to your current experience.

    2. Avoid choosing the industries and job where young people can replace you. This may mean that you have to work harder on the skills and get some leads through networking.

    3. Avoid work from home stuff. If you are decent programmer, tech support person or designer, then the best course of action is to start getting client and then go into freelancer or work from home mode. Don't leave the job and then decide to go freelance, because those plans don't go as we plan.

    4. If you want to do work from home then getting into content writing can be a good idea. You can make some good money by writing for websites and the content mills.

    I'd say do some course that helps your existing career. And this also helps your break time. Apart from that do invest into the photography or any such hobby career that can be helpful.

  • The best thing I would suggest is to invest your experience.
    Be an entrepreneur. There are lots of opportunities and supports for START UPS . Have study about entrepreneurship, and if you feel confident go ahead. Be innovative and creative. Do not drain your brain. Do not look for a master be a master.
    Increase your knowledge. Visit a foreign country with an intention of IT entrepreneurship, it help you get more confidence.
    Read the thoughts of Mark Zurkerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs , Dr. APG and so on...

  • Hi,

    I thank each one of you for providing your valuable inputs for my queries. Based on your responses I have some more queries. Appreciate your response to those queries too.
    @gsadhiks Are these links provided by you (except ISC) safe and reliable ? Has anyone tried out these ?
    @Reena Upadhya For each of the work from home jobs you mentioned, is there any URL that you know of , to try on ?
    Which of the short term course ( fashion designing interior design) is more demanding ? In the sense ,which course would definitely fetch me job ?
    @Sho shankar jha - could you please share any online teaching job website where i could apply for ?
    @Mahesh Which is this DBM course? Also any idea or lead on getting a client to work on a project ?
    What is the nature of work in content writing /milling ? Any sites/URLs for the same ?
    Appreciate your response to my queries.

  • With your specialized experience in IT sector I think you will be very valuable in a teaching job in any of the Engineering college, IIT, technical institutes etc. If these institutions are nearby to you you can apply there for a part time job so that you can have time for home also.
    Otherwise there is potential in online work which can be done from home leisurely.
    You are already having sufficient qualifications and experience and further enhancement do not seem necessary at this juncture. Remember after a certain stage experience and acquired knowledge is suffice to go ahead.

    Knowledge is power.

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